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Resolved Paging red rosin - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Feb 23, 2012

    1. I'm hoping everything is OK. On February 4, I sent payment for a face plate and on February 12, I sent payment for a complete doll. The items were to be shipped together on the following Monday, February 13. In a PM on February 12, I was told that tracking information would be sent after the package was in the mail. I've received no tracking information and no response to PM's or emails since that time.

      Please contact me and let me know if everything is all right, or if there has been some issue that has prevented contact or made shipping impossible. If you are unable to complete the transaction for some reason, a refund would be fine. If the package is already in the mail, please let me know.

      You have pages and pages of excellent feedback, with many people stating that your communication is excellent, so I know the lack of communication is not typical. I hope you're all right. Please contact me with information about the transaction.
    2. red rosin was last on the forum 14FEB. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I was actually going to see about contacting a mod about this myself, I bought a Feeple70 Riff from her and paid in full on the 14th of this month, I have sent her several PM's and everything, wondering when he would be sent out and the tracking # I'm getting worried, I really love this boy and I am hoping to have him soon. I hope that she is ok, Like Mimi100 I checked her feedback and it was amazing, thats why I paid it for him in full, I was hoping to have him here for my meetup tomorrow but, I am hoping that she She is ok as well. I'm asking the same as Mimi100 if something has come up Please let me know if all else fails and you need to issue a refund I will understand, but please let us know what is going on.

      Much love!

    4. Just a quick update, I did send Red Rosin an Email using the one she sent me for her paypal account, I sent it about 9am EST and it's almost 12 hours later and still no response from either pm's here or her Email.

    5. Update: There has been no response to PM's or emails. I am very concerned about this.
    6. UPDATE. Still no response from her on this end as well. I've tried every way to get in touch with her, but so far she seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Im not sure what to do at this point.
    7. UPDATE: (sorry I don't see a way to edit my last post >.<# ) I have gone threw many of the old threads and found a few people that may know her IRL, I have sent them PM's asking if they maybe able to help out. I have also tried finding her on FB and other sites, and did the same thing. I really want Riff here with me, I'm trying everyhting to make this work out. At this pont I don't know what to think. In this day and age there really is no excuse for falling off the face of the earth like this unless she is in the hostiptal. If her computer is broken or down then there are far to many ways to get in touch with us with the use of Cell phone's, or other devices, she could also ask a mom, dad, sister, brother, heck even go to the local library! they all have a way to get onto the web. I had this happen to me last year where i was in the hospital and more less fell off the face of the earth, (I also came back letting my seller know what happened) but, after finding out this is the 5 or 6th paging thread that she has, really makes me upset. Next time I realy need to not just look at the feedback, but really do my homework so this never happens again. I hope that she really is ok and not hurt or sick, but please have a friend or someone come on here and let us know. I'm not just worried about the Doll or the money, I really am getting worried about her. Please let us know if YOU are ok...

      Rowen! <3
    8. Update: My doll and face plate arrived this afternoon. The package was mailed February 22. I am enormously relieved. Thank you to everyone who provided information and support during this transaction.
    9. UPDATE: I did recieve a PM from Red Rosin yesterday letting me know that she will be shipping Riff in the next few days. If and when he comes I will update this thread and I believe everything should be able to be set and done. Thank you all for your support, and Mimi100 I am so glad your Dolly's got to you safe and sound!

      Rowen! <3
    10. Thank you, rowenstar. I'm hoping your Riff shows up very soon. I checked in today to see if he had made it home to you.
    11. update: It's been almost 3 days and I haven't heard back from Red Rosin, again... I've sent her another PM asking for the tracking # so I know I could be home and possibly awake, when he arrives. Alas, If I get any response I'll update again.

      Rowen! <3
    12. UPDATE: its been 5 days since I last heard from Red Rosin. Still no word about him being shipped out or a tracking #

    13. UPDATE: I found a IRL friend of Red Rosin and asked her to contact me if she send the doll out and about the tracking #, I did recieve a PM from Red Rosin today with a tracking # it says the package will arrive on the 10th, it was mailed on the 2nd of this month. If this is the right tracking# and it does arrive on the 10 I will update this thread again and if the Mods wish it could be closed, if it's not .... Well, Either way I will let you know!

      Rowen! <3

      PS to The friend of Red Rosin, Thank you so much for what you did, I can't tell you how happy I am knowing he may finally be here soon! Your wonderful!
    14. UPDATE: Hitori (Riff) finally came in! He looks perfect and was packed very well. Mods if you wish, this thread can be closed, and set as Resolved. Thank you all for your support!