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Resolved paging Reinameron

Mar 24, 2018

    1. I really hate do do this, but I feel like I have no other choice.

      On February the 24th I bought Reinameron's Souldoll Farnese that was listed for sale here on the MP.
      Everything went really great until this week.

      The doll has still not arrived and the tracking isn't updating anymore since it left the country on March 1st (Russia) One of my best friends also bought a doll from Russia (different seller) around the same time as my own sale and hers arrived 3 days ago. That really made me start worrying.

      3/20 - Messaged her that there was still no sign of the package.
      She replied to my message "I still have no sign from your post too.. and package left our state quite fast."

      3/22 - Messaged her again. Also with the above information and with the fact that I had contacted my post office about the matter. They cannot do anything and referred me back to the seller. I asked if she could please look into this matter and inquire with her postal service.

      3/23 - No answer to my message. But Reinameron has been online twice in the last 24 hours

      3/23 at 9 p.m Send another message, asking if she could please respond and that she has been online

      In the meantime I learned that packages will be sent in bulk from Russia (like 3000kg bulk shipments). So it could be that he's in there somewhere and that my own postal office has not picked him out of the pile. But I also learned that sometimes packages are still in Russia, even though the tracking says they are sent.
      That is one of the reasons as why I want her to look into this.

      I totally understand if you are busy, but please just give me a sign that you read my message and that you will look into it.
    2. @Reinameron was last on the forum today and is now being paged.
    3. Hello, I was at business trip, as I sad to topic starter.
      After returning to my sity we have contact yesterday about long time of doll shipping and have visited Ems office to make searching clame.
      Pics of accepted claim also i have sent to buyer.
      She has an opportunity to choose between shipping method, and I can take response for Ems, and also made in invoice for buyer cause she was very nervous about doll shipping from transaction begging.
    4. Sorry for mistake
      I cunt take responsibility for Ems.
    5. 3/26 Reinameron contacted me through PM. She said that she would inquire with the post office today and let me know the results.

      3/27 she did indeed send me a photo of the claim with an explanation. Unfortunately it can take a while before they will know what's going on. I really hope the package is located soon.

      "They sad searching will be from 2 weeks to two months . "

      As I am now in good contact with Reinameron again I would like to ask the dear mods if they can remove the 'being paged' status.
      I would like to keep the tread open until the doll has arrived. Will post updates as soon as I have something.
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    6. This thread will remain open until all items have been received in as-advertised condition. As long as the thread is open, the paging status will not be removed.
      @Toxic_nightmist please keep this thread updated.
    7. Keeping my eye on problem. At this moment no positive news.
    8. One week has passed now. Nothing new to report unfortunately.

      This morning I did contact my postal service because of a question regarding a different package.
      I did ask them about this package as well. Unfortunately I got the standard "sorry we cannot locate your package in our system" answer. I did ask them if they could get in touch with customs, check if the package might be there.
      But they only said they couldn't do that and referred me back to the sender. Those guys are not helpful at all :sigh
    9. I called them again and have the same answer. They are searching and 1 week is too early for any news (!), cause searching time lusts up from 2 weeks for 2 mounths. Details are in conversation.
      The most thing that makes me angry : ems office says parcel left Russia, Ems hot line says parcel is exported. On my question did it left Russia thay cannot answer.. and Nederland post says she did not receive parcel. The main question - were is it ?
    10. Okay I have news
      I got a tracking update. Seems like the package is in Latvia (for some unknown reason) Hopefully it will arrive here soon.

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    11. Thank you for this news!
    12. Parcel is still in Latvia. No updates at this moment.
    13. We have tracking update, parcel has arrived in Amsterdam and waiting for customs.
      Screenshot in our conversation.
    14. I can confirm the above message, although it didn't show on my usual trackers. Had to use a different one.
      Hopefully the package will arrive later this week. Will keep everybody informed on the matter.
    15. So the package made it through customs already and should be delivered tomorrow.
      Fingers crossed :eusa_pray
    16. The doll did arrive today. I am so happy :dance
      Unfortunately, upon inspection, the seams of the doll have been sanded in a really bad way.
      I contacted Reinameron about this and she says she was not aware of it. Neither was it listed in the sales thread. She will contact the pervious owner about this. We both agree on the fact that Souldoll usually does not remove seamlines.
      More pictures can be provided upon request.

      The previous owner (before Reinameron) said that he/she did not sand the doll, nor that it was ordered from Souldoll.
      Reinameron offered me a refund for the above.

      I am happy that she is willing to do this and that we can resolve this matter. I would like to keep the thread open until the payment has been received.
      I would also like to say that I am still grateful that she looked into the matter when the package did not arrive on time.

      Example of the sanding on the thumb
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    17. Good evening.
      I confirm @Toxic_nightmist words about sanding and all situation with it.
      I suggest her refund $50 and she accepted it.
      Refund is just made.
    18. I have received the refund.
      Now that everything has been taken care of I would like for the mods to close this thread.
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    19. Toxic_nightmist received refund.
      From my side transaction is closed.
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