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Resolved Paging Reizei-Chan - RESOLVED

Aug 10, 2011

    1. I dislike doing this, but I feel it may be the only way to move this transaction forwards.

      On 7/29/11, Reizei-Chan listed a PukiPuki Pipi for sale in this thread.

      I messaged her and communications were very fast until I paid the first installment of $55 -- 27 minutes after making arrangements. After that, things got a whole lot slower.

      I made the second payment of $55 on 7/30/11, and sent her a PM indicating such. Her reply was on 8/1/11 and said that she had 'caught a bug' and wouldn't be able to mail my doll until Friday. I was a bit disappointed, as I was going to go on vacation (I did not inform her of this) but I wished her well and settled in to wait.

      On the morning 8/5/11, I sent her a message asking that she let me know when Pipi was shipped and a tracking number if it was possible so that I could make sure that I had a list of parcels pending while I was on vacation. The read receipt states that it was read, but she did not reply.

      On 8/6/11 in the evening, I sent another message expressing my concern that I had not heard from her since 8/1, and that I knew she'd read the PM on 8/5 but had been given no answer and I wanted the status of my doll. (I used RL names, which have been redacted from the image, and the typo was courtesy of my Android phone.)

      8/7/11, she messaged back stating that she'd gotten a phone call and had to leave town and due to the nature of the call, she'd forgotten about Pipi. She indicated that she would ship on Monday and that she would refund the cost of shipping. (Note: As I was building this paging thread, she logged in, and her icon is clearly visible green.)

      I sent another message asking for an update on 8/8/11, Monday, at 11:35pm Eastern, as I had anticipated shipping as she had indicated. The PM was read at 11:55pm Eastern, and there was no reply. She has been online several times since then, again, with no word to me about my doll. She logged off after the last login and I have no PM from her.

      Resolution Request:

      Option A - Ideal) Immediate shipment of my doll and the kitty paws by the agreed Priority Mail plus the refund of the shipping costs as indicated by Reizei-Chan.

      Option B - Less Ideal) Total refund of $110 via the REFUND button of each transaction on PayPal.

      Option C - I do not want to have to do this) Resolution through PayPal. If I have no tracking by 8/11/11, I will contact PayPal on the morning of 8/12/11 and begin disputes on my two payments. I will not let this disturb my vacation, nor will I leave it unaddressed before I go.

      Reizei-Chan: Please do not make this experience any more disappointing than it has been. I've paid $110 in good faith, but all I have gotten thus far have been reasons as to why my doll hasn't shipped. I have had to prompt you for updates, and have had to initiate all communications. I would appreciate a swift conclusion to this transaction.

      Thank you.
    2. Reizei-Chan was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Pippi was shipped today, I got back very late on monday and was not able to make it to the post office.

      I have refunded shipping, and pmed you the tracking number.
    4. [​IMG]

      What I have been given is not a tracking number but an insurance number, and as such, the parcel cannot be tracked.


      I will update this thread as appropriate.
    5. When I spoke to the woman at the post office, she told me that the insurance number could be used to track the package, I asked if it would work online and she said yes. I am just as dissapointed as you are that this is not the case, however I was assured that what I was getting would allow tracking.
    6. My Puki is, at long last, home. Everything that I should have gotten was in the box and I will consider this transaction complete.

      Thank you, Reizei-Chan.