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Paging: Renhikaru - RESOLVED

Dec 19, 2009

    1. This paging thread is for my layaway transaction(s) with:Renhikaru

      On October 31, 2009 Renhikaru agreed to let me do a 3 month layaway for a Soom Shadow Onyx. The terms were $50 deposit to be made on the $900 total. Price includes Priority Insured shipping and a portion of the Paypal fees.

      On December 10, 2009: I sent the very last payment for my Shadow Onyx doll... Renhikaru then told me she would ship either Saturday of that week or sometime during the next week. That is a very long and vague timeframe, but I went with it in hopes she would ship the doll early.

      It is now Saturday and she still has not shipped from what I know. & her communication is sparse AT BEST... It takes her days to reply to my messages.

      I just don't understand what is taking her soooo long to ship. This really is unacceptable and irresponsible.

      I have already missed the oppotunity to file a claim for the first payment of $50 that was sent on Oct. 31st...but have filed paypal claims for all that could be filed for as of last night.

      I wouldn't have to do this if she would have just shipped the doll eariler in the week OR AT LEAST stayed in good communications with me. Who wants to wait THIS long without an explanation as to why it is taking so long? I could have had this doll before x-mas ... Now, I fear I will not... if at all...

      This was our last conversation: 12/17/09

      Re: Nina from DOAThursday, December 17, 2009 5:38 PMFrom: This sender is DomainKeys verified"R**** N*******" <removed for privacy reasons>Add sender to ContactsTo: "Nina Brooks" <removed for privacy reasons>As I said before Nina, I would contact you again with the tracking number. I told you I would ship her within the week, it's not even Saturday yet. You have no reason to be worrying, I have been truthful and understanding for you this whole time and as you can see from my feedback I have no problem transactions.

      If you're worried because you spent a lot of money on her please remember you bought a Monthly doll from Soom recently and their shipping times are ridiculously long. I had to wait 6 months for Onyx when I bought her and she had extras and cost way more than I sold her to you for.

      Just relax, I will contact you again with the tracking as I said before.
      Thank you

      --- On Thu, 12/17/09, Nina Brooks <removed for privacy reasons> wrote:

      > From: Nina Brooks <removed for privacy reasons>
      > Subject: Nina from DOA
      > To: "removed for privacy reasons" <removed for privacy reasons>
      > Date: Thursday, December 17, 2009, 9:48 AM
      > Hi Ren,
      > I sorry to message you but I am getting really anxious
      > for Onyx ... its why I raised the funds to pay her off so
      > soon...
      > When exactly are you going to mail her out? I paid her
      > off a week ago & this wait is killing me.
      > Thank you,
      > Nina

      As for resolution: I just want the doll to ship asap.
    2. I'm actually responding for Ren because she has lost her internet access. She told you that she would send the doll by SATURDAY at the latest as today is SATURDAY, you could wait a little longer for her to get to you to tell you the tracking number. I have it here.


      She has replied to as many of your messages as possible but you message her almost every day. There is no reason to start up a paging thread as she has kept her promise and sent the package within the week. Mods, please close this thread as it was not necessary, and the package has been shipped -on time-
    3. by the way...

      Mods, can you please delete RenHikaru's e-mail address, and her name from the first post? Thank you..!
    4. Pixie: Thank you for the tracking number. But I do not thank you for your rude comments and will gladly report your harrassing/rude pm to a mod.

      You have to realized that this is not YOUR trasaction AT ALL and You have no words in it. You furthermore do not know me and therefore should not try to judge me and pretty call me an awful/childish person. & THEN TELL THE MODS TO LOCK MY THREAD!

      Furthermore, I have not messaged her everday. I messaged her only to update her when I made a payment or if I had an update about the next payment date.

      Finally, This not your thread! It is mine and I want it to remain open til after I have recieved my doll. Never contact me again if you have to be nasty.

      Thank you Mods!
    5. Lastly, what difference does it make to you if her email address is in my post? She has it in her sighnature in case someone needs to get in touch with her *_*
    6. lol, that's funny. It -is- my problem because as I told you Ren has -no- internet access. I have personally seen all the messages you have sent to her, and feel free to show the mods whatever you wish. Ren -asked- me to ask the mods to have her e-mail address and her name deleted. I am only being a good friend and doing as she asked.

      It took her a week to get to the post office because she had to move. She currently has no car and -walked- an hour to the post office just to ship you your doll. And as you can see, the doll was accepted at 12:01 pm, nearly 2 hours before you made this thread. I just got off of work at 10 otherwise I would have sent you a message earlier.

      As I am relaying messages -for- Ren, I -am- involved. If you have anything else to say to me, please send it through PM.

      Merry Christmas
    7. Pixie: All you had to do was give me a tracking number and ask that Ren's name & email address be removed. You didn't have to post your nasty little comments & you definitely didn't have to pm me with the same rudeness.

      Mods, I can see this is getting rather nasty. Please lock my thread up so that no other "friends" can post comments and messages about my transaction.

      I will gladly update once I have the doll, Thank you Mods! :)
    8. I have removed the email addresses and legal name of renhikaru. Locking this thread for now, please updated by contacting a Mod when the doll arrives.
    9. So my doll arrived today. OMG! She had the worst pack job I have every seen ... She only had two small pieces of bubblewrap that were suppose to be there to protact her hands but they were just lying in the box because they weren't taped on

      ... Luckily, nothing broke *sighs*

      Renhikaru told me that the doll would arrive - nude, blank and without anything. BUT She has painted lips ... I was never told that. In the picture on the sales thread, her lips were blank. Which also means she gave me an old picture of doll.

      Besides that, the doll has LOTS of spots on several seams were she is WHITE because she has been SANDED. I was never told about that either.

      To put the icing on the cake, she is rather dirty and has some stains. Yep, you guessed it - I was never told about that either! :o

      Renhikaru is VERY irresponsible and I am just happy this is all over. Her friend communicated more to me then she ever did. Not that her friend had anything nice to say ever. :|

      Besides this not being a great tarnsaction, she involved her friend in it and her friend was very rude and nasty in her pms. And stated that she was going to tell her friends not to do business with me and that I was immature. :? I have had lots of transactions on DoA & I think it is obvious at this point that I mean business and I take care of my business, I ship FAST and have excellent communication.... Wish I could say that about Renhiraku. *_*

      Here is how my doll arrived:


      That's how arrived ... It did have to remove the bubblewrap... SHE DIDN'T HAVE ANY!! :o


      The two lonely pieces of bubble wrap taht was not on doll AT ALL:

      My camera couldn't photograph all teh sanding that the doll has that I wasn't told about bt I will post a few pics anyway:


      There's lots more sanding and dirt but I think everyone gets the picture :(
    10. Mods, Feel free to lock this thread again. I am done with this transaction. Thank you!
    11. I'm very disappointed to find that I'm being paged at this moment over this dispute. With everything I put up with during this transaction in order to see you your dream doll I get this thrown in my face.
      I checked my paypal today to find it in overdraft for $850 and disputes still open even though I got a friend to provide you with shipping seeing as I had no internet access for the past few days. And according to the shipping the doll has already arrived in Texas if I'm reading it right...or maybe it has already reached your home.

      I can't help but feel angry and hurt that you would complain when I was being so understanding with you and file a claim putting me right back where I started when I decided to sell the doll in the first place.
      I can only see it as though you wanted to get the doll scotch free.

      Also when I logged in today there was no waiting PM to say you were looking for me before you posted this thread or made the claim, and neither was there an email.
    12. After refreshing and see the arrival pictures I can't help but be shocked at the whole thing seeing as I packaged her the exact same way she was sent to me.


      I also made it a point to tell the clerk it was fragile and for them to mark the box as so as well as to keep the box top side up.
      How could the doll arrive unmoved from Korea packed that way but not from FL to TX in such a state?

      Also I explained the lips to Dreadfulme in a PM as well as the fact that I have never taken a sand sponge or paper to this doll ever. I'm not so ignorant as to take sanding to any coloured doll.
    13. I asked you to please bubblewrap the hands before sending the doll... you said you would. There was no bubblewrap... what else can I say...
    14. Also, you never ever told me about her lips. Never and I have all our pms on file and can prove that. Also why would you not just state her lips in the sales thread instead of telling me in a pm ... sounds fishy!
    15. For the record:
      Mods, I closed the paypal claims soon after I got my doll, inspected her, and post to this thread this morning. I was safe guarding myself because so much time went by with no doll and some of the transactions were getting ready to hit the 45 day mark.

      This transaction is finished. I have Onyx and Renhikaru has all of the money I paid for her.

      Please lock this thread.

      Thank you Mods!