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Resolved Paging Revilis - RESOLVED

Dec 28, 2011

    1. I need to get in touch with Revilis. I can't seem to reach her. I commissioned her on November 17th for a wig. She finished on December 7th and I replied to her pm on the 8th so I could pay and I haven't heard back from her since. She was online on the 18th and posted in other areas of the forum but hasn't replied. I sent another pm on the 12th and the 21st and she still hasn't replied though she was online multiple times, the latest on the 26th.
      I saw the update on her Commission thread about being busy and having a hard time responding, but I think two weeks is long enough for just one pm back to update me and keep in touch, if she's been getting online and posting elsewhere.

      I really want my wig ): I'm not mad, just worried. I'd love for her to get in touch with me so I can pay.

      I just need her to PM me back, please!
    2. Revilis was last on the forum 26DEC. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I want to openly apologize to have seemingly disappeared since I have last been active on DoA.
      I had posted a message in my shop briefly regarding my situation before this happened.

      I have been given barely month to learn the details of my father's business. As of January 2nd I will be expected to run it in his vacationed absence. The whole ordeal has been an increasing stress forced upon me.

      It's embarrassing that I have handled it so poorly. Silly it may sound, but my doll related work gives me the greatest sense of self-earned worth, and I realize I'm nothing without the people here who support me.
      I honestly wanted to try to "handle it all" and stay available to those who like my wigs, but I think perhaps the wisest decision would've been to simply close during this time. I hope that there is still something I can do to make up for this.

      I will be replying to my messages received during this absence immediately and will try to be increasingly careful with managing my time.

      Please, forgive me? ;_;....
    4. Thank you for the message Revilis.

      She has sent me a PM, and the issue has been resolved.
    5. How was this resolved?
    6. I had sent a message to Luthien and offered her completed wig completely free of expense, and will be sending it out promptly. She replied wishing to compensate me partially, but I've urged that I was at fault and should at least do this for her.

      Currently I am taking steps to closing my shops until the end of January when my responsibilities at my family's workplace lessen because of their return from vacation. Until I feel that I can maintain a timely schedule I'll refrain from taking on any more commissions.