Paging risukachan

Feb 6, 2009

    1. (I've followed the mods advice to send her a PM with a deadline)

      I put up a doll for sale in the marketplace. A girl interested asked me to hold him on the 12-22-2008.
      Shortly after she said I will send the payment via paypal.
      And she said it sent. But it never showed so I wrote a walk through on how to use paypal. Simple for her. Didn't work, she says give me another week my father is going out of town and its his credit card. And i'm patient and want to trust her.
      5 more times she says she tries to send it. Now i'm getting worried she doesnt have the cash and is stringing me along till she has the money.
      She keeps saying its sent its sent.
      Finally I ask. Well hey give me your email for the paypal and I'll request the money! and all you need to do is click yes. And it will be easy for you and your family. And then I can send the msd on to you.
      That PM was unaswered, and I see she logged in. So she must have read it.
      I wait another week. I send one saying you need to pay, this transaction has been going on for a long long time. By this point its late january. I say if you don't have the cash you can tell me. I wont get mad, i just don't want to be lied to.
      Or tell me if you don't want my doll anymore because i can sell it to someone else.
      Again all these have been ignored and shes been on the forum.
      It is now feb 1st. (was)

      I sent her a PM on the first giving her a deadline of the 15th of Feb.
      Still nothing from her.
    2. She again logged ontoday. No reply to any PM's.:doh
    3. eienchi ~ We don't allow Paging Threads when money has not been exchanged. It sounds as though this potential buyer has changed her mind on the sale - at this point you are free to leave "flakey" feedback in her regular feedback thread if she has one. Best of luck!