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Paging Riven - UNRESOLVED

Sep 11, 2009

    1. Okay, I've sent 2 separate PMs to Riven over the past week and have not heard a response even though I've noticed she's been on several times. As she has not responded I decided I needed to resort to this: I am now paging Riven.

      Riven, we need to discuss our exchange of handmade MSD clothes for my Obitsu. It has been over 2 months now, almost 3. I know you asked at the beginning of the transaction that I be patient as it does take you a long time to do commissions and I told you I would be so long as I got updates. The only updates I've received from you have been those I've prompted. And frankly, I'm concerned. Especially after I just received some items I purchased from you. The quality of the handmade outfit was not what I expected. It did not fit well and the seams were very obvious and uneven. If the outfits I'm waiting on are of a similar quality I'm afraid I'll feel like we had an uneven exchange.

      What I would like to see come of this paging is one of two things:
      a) I see pictures of the outfits you have completed, both on a doll and a closeup, in focus shot of the seams which will reassure me and I then return to waiting patiently or,
      b) we cancel our exchange agreement and you can either purchase the doll outright (I'll give you a discount) or he can go back up for sale.

      I'm sorry I had to do this but please understand that I have tried to be patient. And I do understand that you are scheduled for eye surgery and 6 outfits is a lot to make but I don't believe it takes that long to shoot off a PM to let me know how things are progressing or even just reply to a question. Its been since the middle of June and here we are in September already.

      Hope to hear from you soon and I hope we can resolve this amicably.
    2. Riven was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I wanted to update this with whats been happening so far and to make a clear chrono record of what has taken place up to date.

      6/20 Riven and I agree on a trade: my 60cm Obitsu for 6 custom outfits from her.

      6/28 I purchased and paid for a couple of outfits on her MP thread. She wanted to know if it would be okay to mail with outfits once complete, I agreed.

      7/17 I requested update on how the clothes were coming along as I hadn't heard anything.

      7/17 I received a response stating 2of6 outfits complete but she would be having eye surgery in the following days so it might be a while.

      8/5 Seeing she had been back on I sent a PM wondering if one of the outfits could be finished in time for Animefest at end of month (9/5/09) as I would love to have my boy wear it.

      8/10 I received response that outfit would not be done in time but she offered to send me the outfits I had paid for as well as the 2 completed outfits. I asked her to do so.

      8/30 I had yet to receive anything and sent PM to inquire about them.

      9/3 I received a response stating items were sent on 9/1.

      9/5 I received only the 2 outfits I had paid for though not the customs. Since I had already left for Animefest it was too late for them to be worn.

      9/6 I sent a message to Riven regarding my concerns about the outfit's quality.

      9/9 I sent a 2nd PM requesting a response about my concerns.

      9/11 I opened up this paging thread.

      9/12 I received a response from Riven reassuring me that the clothes I would receive would be better and that she would send me pictures.

      9/17 I hadn't received any pictures so decided to inquire about them.

      9/29 I've yet to receive any pictures or response to my inquiries. I've sent a PM giving a deadline of 10/4 otherwise our cancel our agreement.
    4. No response from Riven, deadline passed, doll now off hold