Jun 15, 2007

    1. I really hate to do this, esp. over $14, but $14 is $14 and I have yet to receive my vamp tarot cards and tiny necklace.
      I placed order around 4/26.
      I then pmed on 5/20 stating it wasn't recievced yet and rjladya2 said it was was mailed 5/02. I waited another few days and still no package, sooo another pm was sent and repled to on 5/28. Rjladya2 said she was sorry and would ship agian and include a few extras for the inconvience.

      I have sent more pms since then but have had no replies and it is too late to file a claim.
      I am tired of package getting "lost" in mail and just want a refund...

      BEWARE future buyers!!
    2. Huh. I was about to do this.

      I paid over $50 for a Mini house, and it never arrived..... and I havn't been able to get in touch with her.
    3. Oh Dear Guide!!
      I had a feeling she might have done this to others:sad face:
      I hope we are all able to resolve this and thank you for posting.

    4. Same here. I paid half of the minihouse (30$) and have seen nothing of it. She came back shortly and apologised and promised to get everything done, but she hasn't.
    5. At this stage, I don;t think we are going to hear anything back from her.
    6. The thing is, she PMd after that but never sent it... and I did confirm my address with her and everything. And that was the last time she logged in... she's not been around since.
    7. Since she lives in my state and I have her phone number, I can try to contact her, but she's been pretty bad about answering the phone. She's been having custody issues and stuff with her ex, so she's been busy.
    8. *edit* Ok, got ahold of her on the phone today (October 13). Her internet has been going down a lot. I talked to her on the phone and she said she gave out her phone number to people, but that nobody has called her. She has items at her house that were returned to sender. I guess try PMing her again?
    9. Actually if i had seen this thread from all of you.
      you would have gotten a response from me. I didn't know i was being paged and had to ask zagzagael about it.
      I got tired of sending pm's and receiving no answer so i posted requests for mailing addresses on my marketplace and feedbakc threads. I even pmd each of you with my cell phone number.
      There has been no confirmation of mailing addresses from anyone. I have two houses sitting in my house to be shipped.
      Guide I shiopped it once and it was sent back to me because no one picked it up.
      Krysia i do not have your address.

      dreadfulme i did refund you two months ago. check your paypal please.
    10. Hi

      Did you get my PM?
    11. Thank you, rjladya2 for posting this update. If the dissatisfied members will update this thread or pm a mod when these issues are resolved, the mods will return rjladya2 to normal membership status. Thank you.
    12. I sent you my address last time you asked for it and have not received news since... Maybe there was a problem with PMs... I'm PMing you again now.
    13. I am still waiting for a response to my messages.
    14. I got a PM this week saying she left my package to the mailroom guy at her job so he can package it safely and send it... so I hope it gets here.
    15. I sent a PM to rjladya2 on the 19th of December. Since then, I have sent 2 more. I have still not got a reply.
    16. Does anyone have an email address that could be used instead of PMs?
    17. Her LJ linked in her signature looks to have a function where you can send her a text message, maybe you can try that?

    18. I'm not involved in this, so I'm sorry if it's not my place to say anything but on the 4th she PMed me wanting to buy some small things from my sales thread.