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Paging romancedinthepast - RESOLVED

Aug 18, 2008

    1. Romancedinthepast/Stephanie was meant to be working on an MSD sized dress that I commissioned her for.
      During the 'planning' stage her communication was excellent,her replies were really fast.

      We agreed on me to deposit half of the agreed price,which was $25 on the 24th of July.I also wanted tights to go with the outfit,and she said she couldn't make them and forwarded me to a link in eBay.I thought that it would be more cost effective to have them sent to her directly from the eBay seller for her to modify,as opposed to me receiving it,sending it to her and back to me again.She agreed and I have bought the tights.

      On the 25th of July,she has sent me a PM saying she has started working today,and said that she will be done either on the Saturday or Sunday following.

      On the 30th of July,she has PMed me saying that she was sorry for the delay,as hand sewing has made the work time longer than she thought.She has sent me pictures of the dress progress,which then looked half finished,so I was satisfied.

      That was the last PM I have received from her.I have PMed her several times to ask whether she has received the tights as I need to leave feedback to the eBay seller,but I have heard nothing back.
      It's been over half a month since her last reply,and I just want to know what's going on.I understand there are some IRL things that happen unexpectedly that delay such works,but all I'm asking for is some communication,a reply.

      Stephanie,if you are reading this,please reply to me at least.I just want a reply at least for now.If not,I'm filing a Paypal dispute,and possibly claim within a week.
    2. romancedinthepast is now Being Paged, but bear in mind that the last time she was on the forum was 30JUL.
    3. Thanks for the heads up,Zagzagael. :) The reason why I was mainly worried was because I can't see the last time she's logged in.

      Now that I know that was the last day she's actually been around,I guess I'll hold the dispute for a little bit longer,but I'm still considering it as I don't want to be out of the deposit I gave her.

    4. Romancedinthepast is a friend of mine, and I feel I should mention that I haven't seen her online in sometime. It's very unusual to go so long without hearing from her or seeing her online.

      Aisuhime, I'll drop her an email and mention you're looking for her.
    5. I'm looking for her also. I commissioned for two YoSD outfits around the same times that aisuhime did, the exception being that the timeframe was said to be around the end of last month and my first payment being $75. After I sent my payment, that was the last I heard of her.

      I tried contacting her at least once before I left on vacation for 10 days (before August 9th), but so far, nothing.

      I just looked on her deviantart account, it says she was last online at least 4 days ago. So it isn't as though she hasn't had internet access.

      I'll be likely filing a claim later this week too.
    6. I saw her today and she's been having trouble getting on DOA. She says when she tries to log in it goes to the "you are being forwarded page" and freezes up.

      She has my Yo-SD right now to take pics of the completed yo outfits, which are completed, I saw them tonight. The MSD dress is 90-100% done. When I saw it last all it needed was the zipper so she's probably put that in since I saw it last Sat. She has accidently left the zipper in my car a couple weeks prior but got it back on Sat. That may have been why she was delayed on that because she has a lot of transportation issues so she may not have been able to go and get a new one. But I just wanted to let you guys know she has been working on your stuff and she's just had problems getting on DOA. I'm picking up my Yo from her after work tomorrow and I'll let her know about this thread.

      If you can please PM me your email addresses and I'll give her that as well.
    7. Thanks for the heads up,it makes me relieved at least.I've PMed you with my email.

      I apologise for having to page her,but I thought at the time it was just necessary. :/
    8. I have your email addresses and I'll take them to her this afternoon.
    9. Just to update, Stephanie's contacted me through email with the completed pictures and we're going on from there.
    10. I am also trying to contact her
    11. Same here.I've been shown completed pictures and we're also going on from there.

    12. Any news on your end?
    13. I have asked for a refund on this transaction,as after the unfortunate events I don't wish to own the dress anymore,I feel that it will just remind me of the unfortunate events. (Might sound silly to others,but that's how I feel.)

      Stephanie has promptly refunded me,so I consider my part in this as resolved.How about you,Devil's Trill?
    14. I was given a tracking number yesterday for my outfits. I'll update on my case once I receive them.
    15. The shipment wasn't actually tracked, but my outfits arrived today safely. My end of this transaction is now resolved. :]