Paging Romancedinthepast - RESOLVED

Nov 12, 2008

    1. Back in Late May of 2008 I sent fabric and lace along with $40 dollars to JerrySugarAV friend of romancedinthe past, the money and dress was to go to romanced in the past, which it did, as Jerry was painting my chiwoo. By Mid June I had both head and dress back in my possession. However said dress did NOT fit my chiwoo.

      At the time Romanced had a EL to model the dress on, which she failed to do. Within two weeks I sent the dress back to romanced to get adjusted to fit a CP boy body. It has been several months and I have attempted several different times to get either the $40 dollars or the dress back from Romanced.

      At this time I would like to give her 10 days to notify me that it has been shipped with tracking number or the money paypaled to me @

      I can be contacted @ 513 - 206 - 2739 as I do not have regular internet access, yet I can recieve calls or text messages to the number above. My mailing address has been provided to romance via PM.
    2. I would like to add that I want the tracking number posted to the thread as I have a friend who is checking it for me. Thanks.
    3. Seasons Final Colours ~ Please note that Feedback threads are not deleted. You need to post resolution to the issue and then the thread can be closed. Thank you.
    4. Sorry for the delay. I recieved the dress and stockings along with it. Although they were not made as well as they should have been (and the original was) I have accepted this and feel as if its been resolved.