Paging s2kitty - RESOLVED

Mar 7, 2008

    1. If anybody has current contact with s2kitty, please let her know that I really do need to get an actual response from her. I KNOW she has been online generally because I've seen her LJ updates, one of which was posted very recently. And I know she read the original PM I sent her two weeks ago asking for her to return my silk fabric, since I put a read receipt on it! I don't know if she's just not opening the follow-up PM I sent one week ago or if she's not come onto DoA in that time...

      At any rate, all I want is a reply! s2kitty, if you have time to write LJ entries, surely there is time to send me even just a one word reply?

      Mods, can I request that she be taken off invisible mode so I can keep tabs on when she's visited DoA?


    2. Kurosakura ~ s2kitty is now Being Paged. She was on the board this morning. Please keep this thread updated as to resolution of your trade.
    3. Thanks Zagzagael.

      I'm shocked and disappointed that she has clearly been online, but hasn't taken the time to send even a brief reply to me. I don't know if she just refused the read receipt on my last PM or if she simply decided not to open it at all. I've sent her a third PM just now and I really hope she responds. I sent the silk to be used as part of a commission, but that commission has gone nowhere. I am tired of waiting to see any sort of result (there have been no mock-ups or anything) and I just want my fabric back now so I can move onto someone else.

      I also know her mother is a member (s2kittysmom) here as well. If another week goes by without a reply from s2kitty herself, is it allowable for me to politely PM her mother about the issue?
    4. I responded to your PMs.
    5. I also made sure Kurosakura now has my working email addresses and information so that we can keep in better touch. :)
    6. I am now in contact with s2kitty. Just waiting on confirmation of my fabric being sent. Thanks!
    7. Please post to this thread with resolution. Thank you!
    8. The fabric has arrived to its destination (a third party.) I'm still waiting on a package that was sent directly to me, but I am much less bothered about that. So everything is settled as far as I am concerned!

      Thank you!