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Paging Saaya-chan - RESOLVED

Nov 27, 2009

    1. I really hate to do this ......:(

      But it has been 2 weeks since I last heard from Saaya. I have last sent her a email last Friday, which she asked me to send her messages on so she could reply quicker to.

      I would like to get a message back giving me pictures of my faceup! :doh
    2. Saaya-chan was last on the forum 13NOV. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Zagzagael can you please tell me if Saaya-Chan has been on the forum since the 13th November?

      I have still not received any contact from Saaya =(
    4. Still no reply from Saaya-Chan despite me sending several PM's and emails. She has now had my doll's head from 06.10.09. After telling me she had finished the commission, she promised me pictures 4 weeks ago. Still nothing.

      I was forced to open the paging thread to get any form of response but even that hasn't worked. I saved a long time for this head and he is only my second doll. I am very disappointed in this transaction and the lack of communication is worrying.

      Saaya-Chan can you please contact me or if you cannot complete the faceup, just return my doll to me, I really want him home for Christmas and think I have been more than patient.
    5. She hasn't logged back in since 13NOV. :(
    6. Does anyone know Saaya-Chan or have another way to contact her?

      If so, please respond to me, If you don't want to write on this thread then please p.m me

      I have tried P.m's, Emails and I have tried to page her. None of which have worked!

    7. *sigh* Still no contact :sigh
    8. I have now received contact through a third person and my head is being posted back next week :)

      Please keep until I receive the head

      Thanks to everyone who has helped me

    9. *sigh* A week has gone by still no head!!
    10. I'm looking for Saaya-chan as well, it isnt anything bad. She joined my Sasuke MNM GO, &the participants are getting to order, but without her comfirmation, we cant procced. I need a way to contact her to ask if she's still in or she's not interested anymore =/
    11. I have now received the head

      Thank-you to everyone who has helped me get in contact with Saaya-Chan

    12. bulletsBANQ ~ Do you want to keep this Paging Thread open?
    13. I'm logging for the first time in ages. Life caught up with me big time last year, and this year.

      I'd like to apologise to Miss L for the trouble, wait and lack of communication. I wasn't online for months.

      The head was sent back and due to delay I didn't change for the services or postage. It's unfair to do so after a month or so.
    14. I consider it resolved for my part since the GO has been handed over to someone else and the heads have been ordered.