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Resolved Paging Saaya-chan - RESOLVED

Jun 11, 2012

    1. I sent my girl's head to Saaya-chan for a faceup three weeks ago. Last message i got from her was from May 19, saying she has the flu. No replies to any of my PMs after that.

      I just want to know if she's still too sick to continue the faceup or if there is any other problem. Really worried about the lack of communication :(
    2. Saaya-chan was last on the forum 26MAY. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Thanks for the page.

      As of today, still no communication from Saaya-chan :(
    4. Since we're both in Japan anyway, I thought of sending her a note via snail mail with my local phone number and email, just in case she's having trouble with her internet. I hope she does respond, I will update this thread if there is any progress.
    5. Soon, it will be nearly a month since her last PM.

      Does anyone know Saaya-chan IRL? :( Getting really desperate contacting her
    6. local mail should have reached her by now, but so far still no communication from Saaya-chan. Is there anybody here who knows here IRL? :(
    7. Yay! finally got in touch with her via Facebook. she says she texted me but i didn't receive any message. will update again once the commision is completed.

    8. Reporting back. I'm so sorry! I had a few problems (work related) this pass 4 weeks. I have contacted back and the commission is finished. Shipping tomorrow or Saturday. Also gave darkchoco a discount for all the trouble. ><!
    9. Thank you! I'm very happy with the preview photo Saaya-chan has sent me. This paging thread can now be closed, thank you very much! :D
    10. Hi, this problem has been sorted. Is it possible to close it as I cannot have post sales threads?

      Thank you.
    11. Yes, the issue has been resolved already, please remove. Thank you!!
    12. Please outline the details of the resolution. Thank you.
    13. The main issue was the lack of communication, which has been resolved since Saaya-chan has already contacted me. The faceup commission was completed, she already sent me a photo of the completed work. I'm just waiting for the package to arrive. :)
    14. Which should be Monday or Tuesday according to the post office lady.
    15. Please post when the package arrives. Thank you.
    16. package has arrived just now :)
      very happy with the results of the commission