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Paging Sabriell - RESOLVED

Jul 27, 2008

    1. My minimee heads have been with Sabriell since 4th of May, and I haven't had any contact with her despite numerous PM's, posts in her commission thread and an email.

      She sent a mass PM to me and her other customers on the 8th of this month saying the heads were going to be sent back without the face-ups but I haven't had any replies since then, even though one of the PM's was with my address and instructions not to send them back to the address it was sent from.

      I need to know what's going on as I don't expect to have an April/May commission slot and still be waiting for them in almost August.

      Please get in contact with me, Sabriell. I understand you have a full time job but this is not on.
    2. Hey ^_^

      Your heads have already been shipped out, so I'm sure they'll arrive either end this week or begin next week.
      Tracking nr is: 3SWPPK1046966
      And is insured up to €500

    3. I am not sure if I can post here... But what about my head?
      I have a similar problem of not being able to contact you, Sabriell. :(

    4. Yes yours as well.
      All heads have been shipped in the meantime.

    5. Arrived today.

      Thank you.
    6. kaiohon ~ Please post resolution here when your head arrives.
    7. 2 Sabriell
      Thanks... I will be waiting.

      2 Zagzagael
      Yes, I surely will once the head arrives home. :)
    8. Just a general update - 2 weeks passed but the head is still not home. Although it is inside Europe and should take maximum 2 weeks. :(

      2 Sabriell
      Do you have a tracking number perhaps? Did you send the head via Registered mail? Via EMS?
      Thx in advance for youк answers,

    9. I've tracked it for you, and it says that they have tried to deliver it twice already but that there was nobody home.
      The trackingnr is: 3SWPPK1046963
      The website to track it: tracktrace.nl

      You need to enter the tracking number behind "barcode"
      and click the box for "buitenland"

      The info you'll see will be in Dutch though, but I'm trying to call them right now
    10. Hi there~
      This is really weird. My sis is always at home and nobody tried to deliver anything. :(
      Also is it me or the last entry of the tracking says the package left to Germany? O_o

      Maybe the address somehow went wrong? :(
      I will call my post office and ask although this tracking number does not appear on our site (post.at).

      Thx for your answer!
    11. Okay I called the postoffice, and because they tried to deliver it at your place twice, and both times you weren't at home, that they are shipping it back to me.

      I'll keep my eye on it and call them again if I still haven't received at the end of this week.

      So please track it yourself so that you can see that I'm telling the truth.

    12. The address is correct. However, there was always my sis home and always listening.
      The only thing I can think of is that they for some reason could not find a correct door to call to! Since I live in a big house. :(
      I also called my post office and they told me that it is a private parcel service (this DPD thing) that distributes them.
      I never got anything from them before, so I don't know how they work.

      With normal post - is you are not home they leave a note and leave the package at the post office. :( I wish I has the tracking number earlier and known about the DPD too. but then i cannot do anything if they actually never called my door. :(

      I am sorry about parcel returning to you. :((((

      I can see that you are telling the truth. I am only angry at the service of the post, not at you or anything. I hope we can work together to resolve this. :( I am sorry it's so much trouble for the both of us. :(
    13. Ok. I called DPD in Austria. And they told me that it is not their number. O_O
      Because their numbers in Austria have only numbers in it.
      So now I don't know how can I track this number here... normal post\EMS say they don't have such numbers... and DPD says it's not theirs as well...

      Can you perhaps ask your post via which service the parcel was sent and what is its tracking number in Austrian equivalent?

      Also if the package returns to you, can you send it via EMS this time?

      Thanks in advance for your answers and cooperation,
    14. Well the number is a Dutch tracking number and it was shipped using "International Package Plus", so that is our EMS. It's fully insured up to €500 and I can track it within Europe. But the address I used was the correct one right?

      Well if the head is here again I'll let you know and ship him out asap.


    15. EPS is not EMS. I mean, it's 2 different companies. But both are express, of course. Don't you have EMS in Netherlands? :(

      The address is correct indeed. Can you edit you post and remove my address from public view, please? Thanks.

      I also found an English version of tracking:
      Although it does not help much. :(
      I will be keeping track of it anyway.
      When he arrives to you, please write to me. Or if he by some wonder arrives to me - I will write to you.

      When you next send him, is it possible to use some other service?
      Thx for your help so far,
    16. I see that the parcel is now back to Netherlands.
      Just to say in advance - this time when you send it to me can we give my phone number to the post as well? So that they call if they think no one is home?
    17. PMed you about the status and everything.
    18. Head received back. Transaction resolved!