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Paging Sabriell - RESOLVED

Feb 25, 2009

    1. Two of my Minimee heads have yet to be returned to me after she graciously extended to complete the commission on after closing her customizing service. She has provided great services to members of the community, but her last communication to me was dated 7/23/08 and I have a trail of multiple email and DoA attempts to contact her.

      No money has been exchanged.

      Heads to be returned: Takeshi Kaneshiro, JD head

    2. Correction: Last contact from Sabriell. 10/14/08.
    3. Brooksie ~ Sabriell is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    4. Brooksie Contact History:
      DoA contact: 2/25/09, email contact 2/25/09.
      DoA PM contact: 1/05/09, email contact 1/5/09. Messages not opened.

      2008 History:

      Re: Please read


      Yes I'm already busy with them, but I have decided to just ask for shipping. This to compensate with the long wait ^_^

      I'll show you the photos this week <333


    5. Bump. Five days, no Sabriell. If any one knows her, please let me know if she is OK. Thanks.

    6. I actually had this SAME problem with Sabriell... unfortunately, because she IS a wonderful artist. But, when i had sent her my minimee head, it was gone for almost 4 months, and i wasnt able to contact her for quite some time. at one point i almost thought i wouldnt get it back.

      Aside from that though, she wasnt able to even do my faceup.

      but, sorry to hear about this !
      i hope you get them back soon.
    7. Bump! No response.
    8. Brooksie ~ Are you aware that sabriell was last on DoA 19JAN??? Do you have a personal email for her or an alternate way of contacting her?
    9. I used both personal email and DOA PM. I hope she will get back to me when she can.
    10. Bump. Still no reply on personal e-mails either.
    11. Wahoo! She said the heads are on their way. With face ups! I am sure they are going to be as wonderful as they always are. Will let you know when they arrive.
    12. Both heads arrived as promised today with full face-ups. They are beautiful as usual. She generously did not charge for the work or shipping to compensate for the 11-month wait. She also sent a small gift. I consider the matter resolved.

      Please close thread.