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Paging Sadaloha - RESOLVED

Dec 3, 2008

    1. I am paging Sadaloha because of a very incomplete doll transaction with her. Sadaloha agreed to buy my one-off Anais in September. The terms were that I would allow up to a 4 month payment plan with a deposit and payments every 2-3 weeks. I have so far received the deposit on 9/21 and had to pm her several times to get a small payment on 10/21. so far , Sadalohoa's payments total less than 1/8 the selling price of the doll. I have PM'd her several times asking what she wanted to do about the payments and finally got a Pm back from her DOA name on 11/21, saying it was her husband and she had been in the hospital.

      I can understand if someone has medical problems but she has been on doa at least twice since 11/21 and has been posting on another board.

      This is a DOA transaction, not from any other doll or art board. I would like Sadaloha to contact me soon as she apparently has internet access, and has been on doa.

      So Sadaloha, please contact me about this. I feel very uncomfortable sending you PMs asking when you are making payments, and this is the first time I have had to page anyone. Please have the politeness to let me know if you are going to complete your agreement for this sale or not. - Barb in MA
    2. Sadaloha has now contacted me and this has been resolved. But I don't know how to add resolved to the page. (Thank you Sadaloha for getting in touch with me so quickly)
    3. I am paging Sadaloha again concerning a transaction that started with her deposit on 9/21 of my one-off Anais, after agreeing to layaway terms.

      I paged Sadaloha a month ago to get her to reply to my PMs about her payments for her purchase . She did reply immediately after the page, and made a payment towards the purchase of Anais at that time, but find that I am back to where I started, with late payments from her and lack of her response and communication. I now see that I will have to keep this page up until the transaction is completed.

      We agreed to a 4 month payment plan for this doll with payments every 2 to 3 weeks. The only consistency in this transaction has been having to pm 2-3 times to get any reply or payments, which have been monthly, not the 2-3 week payments we agreed to. She is very polite when she does reply but still puts me in the uncomfortable position of having to ask her for communication and agreed payments.

      Sadaloha said she would send a payment at Christmas but again, no reply to my payment reminder but she has been on doa. With only a few weeks left for the payments to be completed for Anais, and only slightly less than 1/4 of the doll paid for, I am hoping that Sadaloha will contact me and complete this transaction.

      this sale has been in transaction since her deposit on 9/21. balance of the transaction is due this month.

      Barb in MA
    4. updating this morning with positive contact from Sadaolha. We might be adjusting the payment plan. It may take a few days to work something out. Thank you Sadaloha for contacting me. I would like to keep this page up until both Sadaloha and I have agreed on any changes with the transaction. I do want to mention that when I hear from her, she is very polite and I appreciate her contacting me. Barb in MA
    5. more positive contact with Sadaloha. She has become excellent to work with, and we have agreed to up the communication when needed, and change the payment plan.

      this is now resolved.