Paging Sadaloha - RESOLVED

Feb 4, 2009

    1. Please Sadaloha replied to my PMs regarding our overseas transaction and Hope all is fine with you !!!

      So I bought some MSD clothes and shoes from Sadaloha in Australia. I paid my stuff by paypal 01/18.

      I received my package on 01/30 but we don't know if the package has been opened by the customs because one pair of brown sneakers (5.00 USD) and a Dollzone brown set (35.00 USD) were not in the package. The package has been sent by Australia registered post.

      I ask Sadaloha if she made a mistake and send to another DOA customer but no replies yet since 01/31. She told me that she messaged her customers who bought from her but no replies since then.
    2. Update informations : No news from Sadaloha !!!
    3. Always no replies from Sadaloha. I open a disput though paypal for the 2 non-received items (out of 12 items 2 has not been included in the package).
      Please Sadaloha could you reply for all my messages, thanks for your time.
    4. tortuedesmers ~ sadaloha was last on the forum this morning. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution!
    5. Tx Zagzagael for the update informations regarding Sadaloha.
      All my messages via DOA don't be read by her and stayed in my folder send box !!!
    6. Sadaloha contact me and refund some money for the items lost !!
      So the transaction is resolved.