Resolved Paging Saira - RESOLVED

Mar 7, 2012

    1. I hate to do this, but I have not heard from her in over a week after a month of shoddy communication :(

      I bought a MNF body from Saira a month ago ( and paid promptly. I paid for 4-day shipping from Canada to the USA. After several days the package had still not arrived, so I tried to contact Saira. She was on vacation apparently, so it took several days for her to reply. She said that surely something strange had happened, and that she was on her way home and would look into it immediately. I asked her repeatedly for the tracking number, but she ignored the request. This was back on the 25th of last month, and I haven't had any communication from her since then despite multiple attempts to get ahold of her through PM and email.

      Since no proof of her shipping the body was ever given, and considering I paid for 4-day shipping and it has been a month, and that she hasn't responded or given any contact since the 27th, I am starting to worry. *_*
    2. Saira was last on the forum 27FEB. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I can add this--if it helps, I have heard from Saira. She PM'ed me on 7MAR, and said she was sick the past week with a chest infection. She said she would ship my Minifee Chloe Vampire Elf head at the end of this week but it's Saturday and I have no news. However, I have not tried to contact her since and she did not mention anything about being on vacation.
    4. *edit* I have not tried to contact her since her PM to me on 7MAR.
    5. Just wanted to also add, this is now her signature:

    6. I heard from her the day I opened this paging, she said she asked her sister to ship the doll and her sister said she shipped it, but she in fact was lying and never shipped it. She said she would ship it by the end of last week but I haven't heard from her since she said that, so I have opened a paypal dispute to protect myself in case she never ships it.
    7. I haven't heard from Saira either, after trying to reach her since Friday.

      I'll follow suit and open a Paypal dispute. Bummer :(
    8. I spoke with both of them yesterday and let them know I'd be picking up the packages from my sister's home and sending them to the PO myself, as I clearly cannot trust her to send out the packages :( Didn't mean to cause anyone to worry, I honestly thought the body was sent out already as she told me she had done it. I realize it is still my responsibility and will be taking care of the situation.

      As for the Chloe head, Anneke said take my time with shipping, she never told me to send her out at any specific time as she told me she doesn't have a body for her but is no of course worried due to being paged so I would say the only real issue at hand was the situation with the body that was supposed to be sent out.

      I completely understand why and I myself would be worried too. I have never had issues sending items out and this was the first and will be the last time I ask someone to send out an item for me. The only reason I did in the first place was because I moved and my dolls were still at her home and since her home is over30 minutes away at the time it made more sense for her to do it and she said that it wouldn't be a problem.

      I apologize for any inconvenience or worry this may have caused, I 100% believe the body was sent out and was getting worried it was lost in the post, up until I asked my sister about it :( I will have this straightened out as soon as possible :(
    9. believed the body was sent out *
    10. Thanks for keeping us up to date :)
    11. I sent out both packages and gave them their tracking numbers
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    13. Saira has been very responsible about the packages now that she's feeling better. I'm in Israel for the following week, but my building will send me an email when the package arrives.
    14. I have received my Chloe head from Saira and consider my issue completely resolved. Everything was solved promptly when Saira returned from her illness, so I am a happy camper with the whole deal! :)
    15. I call the PO and they said they would sent it to the proper person if they really did send it to the wrong person, which they clearly did as the address was written properly :o Not sure how it happened, but I am just glad their is proof that it wasnt me who made the mistake :P
    16. I'm still on vacation, but wow, getting this package has been one heck of a nightmare for so many reasons. What is going on with it now? I just checked the tracking number, and it was delivered in Cali on Monday, but it doesn't say anything else. Could you try to keep me in the loop if at all possible? :)
    17. The body was delivered to me on accident, even though it was addressed to fashionbabylon. I was working with Saira to get it forwarded to you as soon as possible. I didn't realize she didn't update you on it. I would be happy to repost it usimg USPS flatrate, however since the post office misdelivered they may just be able to forward it on. :)
    18. Cool, thank you for the update. :) No, she hasn't contacted me since giving me that tracking number last week. What a train wreck, how did the package go to you at all? Did they tape them together after getting them or something? x.x
    19. I was confused when I heard they were put together too >_< I was waiting for you to get back from being away for the week, I actually only found out about this a couple days ago. I was really thinking once they were sent out everything would be fine since I looked over the address on both, got the post office to just in case and left. I am still confused as to how they got sent together, especially since they both have completely different addresses on them :( I've never had that happen to me! I honestly couldnt say why the PO did that. I called them and they told me theyd re-direct it but I'm personally still upset that I pay for tracking and fast shipping to have it sent to the wrong location even when the address is correct -_-
    20. I am sending Anneke the money for shipping.The PO said they'd call me tomorrow about them picking it up and re-directing it but I just want it to be sent out already :(