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Resolved Paging sand3 - RESOLVED

Apr 21, 2012

    1. I have not received payment from sand3 for a commissioned faceup, which was completed on 3/25. In 4 days, it will be a month since I have finished the work she commissioned from me.

      She wrote back to me on 3/21 saying she had been busy, and she asked me for the total amount to be paid. (Which I had already provided her with).

      She is not on Den of Angels very often, so I'm not sure if she has just forgotten about this, but I just feel uncomfortable having someone else's doll at my apartment. I'd just like to get this resolved.

    2. sand3 was last on the forum 31MAR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Just an update - I still haven't heard anything from her or received any payment.

      Also, I forgot to mention earlier that I also tried sending her an invoice through Paypal. I thought she might notice it through an email notification from Paypal. That was on 4/14. I've reminded her through Paypal a couple times since.

    4. I just realized there is a typo in the top post. I meant to write that she contacted me on 3/31 to say she had been busy, not 3/21...

      Anyway, it is now 5/4, and I've still not heard from her.
    5. I am very sorry about the delay; I have had some minor medical issues that had me in a bit of a fog. Payment and a tip has been sent, I'm not sure what happened to the paypal invoice, I don't have any record of it.
    6. Just wanted to say that yes, I received payment from sand3 plus a little extra. Thanks so much, everythings solved. :)
    7. How do I get the huge paging alert at the top of my pages to go away?