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Resolved Paging sapphire-shadows - RESOLVED

Jan 8, 2012

    1. On 11/21/2011 I messaged sapphire-shadows about my interest in buying the Soom Galena talons she listed for sale. We agreed to do a layaway and I paid the first $20 immediately. Then on 12/3/2011 I paid off my layaway($90) and she said :

      Then I noticed that that it was taking an unusally long time for the talons to get to me so I asked on 12/18/2011 if she had any idea when I might expect the talons to come in and she said:

      After that I thought that she was probably right and it was just taking a long time for them to come in because of all the holiday craziness and waited patiently for them to come...

      The trouble is it's, now 1/7/2011 and they still haven't shown up. I understand that the holidays can be held accountable for long shipping waits but it has been a MONTH since I paid for these talons. I have tried messaging sapphire-shadows twice about this but she hasn't been on site since 12/19/2011.

      I'm hoping to get to the bottom of this and hopefully get either the talons or at the very least a refund of my last payment.
    2. sapphire-shadows was last on the forum 19DEC. She is now Being Paged.
    3. EDIT: So sapphire-shadows contacted me on the 12th with this message:
      I tried returning the PM, and I told her that I don't need a commision- but got no replies so I kept trying to contact her with no luck. Then today, January 22nd 2012, I finally received the talons and I am extremely happy with them. I still can't get a hold of her but I'm just glad I got what I paid for and that all is well.