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Unresolved Paging Sat

Aug 25, 2011

    1. Hi, I don't know if anyone has tried to get a hold of Sat who used to run Blushed Roses mohair wigs, but I ordered a custom wig from her via e-mail in March I think. After not hearing anything from her for a few months and trying with no response to reach her via e-mail, and noticing the post she made about closing down shop, I sent her a PM at the beginning of June to see what was going on. She replied back saying she had my wig made and could ship it to me soon if I still wanted it, or she could issue me a refund in a couple weeks. I told her that since she had my wig made I would like to just have it. I haven't heard anything from her since then, and I tried PMing her at the beginning of this month to see what was going on too, but this time I've gotten no response.

      If anyone has heard from her or knows what's going on, I would really like to get the refund for my wig. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!
    2. Sat was last on the forum 26JUL. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I'm also waiting for a response from <b>Sat</b> (I've sent her three messages now with no reply - July 26, August 11, and August 24). Hopefully she can be reached soon and our transactions resolved one way or another. :(
    4. Also in the same boat. *never thought I'd be posting in this forum*

      Ordered a wig on April 10th. Saw her notice in June 12th and PMed her right away. She replied on June 16th that she had the wig and would either refund my $15 or ship it out that weekend, I picked the wig. She then said she'd do her best to get the wig shipped out to me 'soon'.
      I've heard nothing after that and I PMed her again on August 22nd.
      Admittedly though, I did drop the ball on contacting her again. :(
    5. Follow-up: I emailed her on Aug 28th right after I posted here.

      Today I received a package with my wig in it. It had tracking so I plugged that in, and it was shipped to me on August 30th.

      So, mine is resolved. I hope Loafaeth and hitomoshi get theirs! :aheartbea
    6. Yeah, same here, I'm glad things got fixed for you twylight. I would really rather have the refund at this point though.
    7. Just wanted to post an update on my situation. I still have yet to receive a response from sat but today I received a package with the two wigs I ordered. Since there was tracking on it, I also checked it out and saw it was shipped to me on August 30th.

      I'm glad that things for twylight got fixed, and as for me, my issue has been resolved. Hopefully things get worked out for Loagaeth soon.
    8. Glad to hear it hitomoshi, hopefully I'll get some kind of response soon too!