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Paging Scube - RESOLVED

Nov 25, 2008

    1. This is the 2nd page I have had to put out in a weeks time. My luck has not been good :(

      Here are the details of this transaction so far:

      11/11/08: Paid for Volks Nana ($700.00) and sent PM asking for Scube to confirm payment.

      **Before I paid I got this message: "I will send out the doll within 3 business days of receiving your full payment and will PM you the tracking number after I have done so. Thank you very much!"**

      11/13/08: Had no response yet so I PM'd again.

      11/14/08: Sent another PM because communication BEFORE purchase was on a daily basis so I was worried when Scube wasn't replying.

      11/15/08: Scube replies saying they have been busy and that the doll would be mailed Monday and I would get a tracking number after.

      I have since sent 2 other PM's and emails and have gotten no response. I never did get a tracking number. If the doll was mailed Monday, it has been a week and she has not arrived. She was supposed to be mailed EMS. I however, have no way to know because I have no tracking number.

      Scube has good feedback and seems to be very involved in the doll community so I am hoping this will work out. And I hope nothing is wrong with them!

      I am just hoping this will prompt a response! Or maybe someone else knows how to get ahold of them?

      I will keep the post updated.
    2. Received the doll in perfect condition. This issue is resolved.