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Paging Scube - RESOLVED

Jun 30, 2009

    1. Really just trying to get a hold of Scube, here--I've dealt with her in the past satisfactorily, so this situation is troubling to me. I made arrangements via PM to purchase a doll from her, but when we settled on a price and I asked for her paypal address she dropped communications (still reading pm's) from 6/11/09 to 6/18/09 before replying with the address and promising shipping and tracking number within three business days.

      I paid in full on 6/18/09 and pm'ed her to let her know and asking for confirmation. This PM was read but never replied. I pm'ed again on the 24th, the PM was read on the 25th, and never replied. I have pm'ed on the 26th and yesterday the 28th, neither of them is showing as read, I have bumped her thread asking her to get in touch with me and still nothing.

      I'm a little concerned that I have thrown a significant amount of money out into the ether and now have no means of getting in touch with the person to whom I sent it. I imagine by now that the doll has not been shipped in the promised period, as he hasn't arrived yet--I just want to know when he will be, and when he will be arriving home.

      If anyone can help me get in contact with Scube, I'd be very grateful.
    2. scube was on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. takira requested for the doll to be unstrung before being sent to her. I've already explained to her in PM this morning that I did not have time to do so initially as I had been busy all week. But the doll has been sent out, and I have also given her the tracking number as well.
    4. Confirming that I received the tracking number. I'll update here as soon as the doll arrives!
    5. The doll arrived today safe and sound by EMS, no problems. This thread can now be closed, thank you!