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Paging Scube - RESOLVED

Aug 15, 2009

    1. I am trying to get a hold of Scube. She might be busy but I just need clear communication ;)

      I bought Volks Toppi from Scube with 2 months layaway. Then I was able to paid the balance about 1 month earlier on July 21.
      July 21 - I PMed her to inform I've finished my layaway. No reply.
      July 24 - I sent another PM
      July 27 - Scube responded my PM and said she was sick and the doll will be sent in Tuesday (July 28) and PM me the tracking number.
      August 8 - I sent another PM asking the tracking number but no reply
      August 14 - I sent another PM and still no response.

      I hope Scube can contact me about the situation. Thank you.
    2. scube was last on the forum 8AUG. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I sent Scube another PM on August 18 but still has no response :(
    4. Is there anyone can help me to contact Scube?

      It's been a month since I paid full payment for Volks MSD Toppi which is 1 month earlier than we both have agreed to finish this transaction with 2 month layaway.
      So far I've paid 800 USD + 40 USD for EMS shipping + paypal fees.
      I am very frustrated and starting to think I'd loose so much money :...(

      Scube, please contact me!
    5. I just got the tracking number from her flickr account! :)
      I'll wait until the doll arrives ...
    6. The doll has arrived today with perfect condition.
      Dear moderator please mark this thread as RESOLVED.
      Thank you very much for your help :)