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Paging scube - RESOLVED

Nov 9, 2009

    1. I am not very comfortable going this road but it seems I have to.

      On October 27th I purchased a Mizutama Cube dress from scube and paid with paypal. I was aware of her multiple paging threads but since everybody had gotten their items I was ready to give her the benefit of doubt.

      After paying I asked her to pm me after the dress had been shipped. I never got an answer to that pm. Her sales thread was also not updated with the dress as being sold.

      A few days ago I tried to contact her but her pm box here is full. Also, since her status is invisible, I cannot see when she has last logged on. I tried to email her with the paypal adress she has given me, but no answer either.

      scube, I would like to know if you have shipped the dress yet. I have waited almost 14 days now for either the dress or some kind of information from you. If you haven´t been able to ship the dress for whatever reasons I would prefer a full refund.

      Please contact me! Thank you!
    2. The dress arrived today. Maybe I overreacted, but the combination of so many former paging threads, no reply to my last pm or my mails, and apparingly no chance to contact scube made me very nervous. I saw this as a last resort to catch her attention. Well, I didn´t, but I got my dress. Therefore, transaction closed for me.