Paging Sea-chan - RESOLVED

Feb 12, 2009

    1. i have ask to the moderator and they said to open this thread...

      in first, i wouldn't open that because it is too much trouble for me ! My friend said to open that too...

      Sea-chan must paid me the rest of my service, she read my messages but she never reply ! i can see she read because i put a "request" !
      i have just doing a mistake one, i have seen, i have sent to her a wrong message about one YO Lin on Yahoo auction, this message was for Verochan ... but i think it is not important... it is only arround 900 yens !

      But the big problem and worry me is if she open a paypal dispute after 20days for the money back ! Perhaps she don't want anymore his doll from yahoo auction ! i have paid myself this doll for her on YJ ! (I am go-between about Yahoo auction) !

      In first, she risk to block my paypal for nothing because i haven't got money on my paypal ! She block my other customers to paid their Yahoo auction if they want ! And because i haven't got money on paypal, she can't be refunded !

      I hope i am just worry for nothing ! Hope she reply to me soon, give the money and i will send his doll ! ;)

      Sorry for my terrible english, if a moderator want correct me, it is good !
    2. Ah, honestly. I paid you 43 000 out of 44 000 yen. What on earth made you think I wouldn't pay that last bit of money just because I was away for a few days? And all this speculation about why I didn't pay? Seriously. :(
    3. hello,
      sorry, i wouldn't open this thread really ! but i am worry, your item is doll, is expansive ! i put some request and no reply ! i am worry when you haven't reply when you have read ! For me, it is resolved ! i will try to send today or tomorrow your cute ! sorry to this inconvenience :) !