Paging Selina - RESOLVED

Dec 1, 2008

    1. I am paging Selina so I can close out a very problematic transaction. On 7/19, she put down a $100 deposit on my Elf Tiffee (out of $425), and promised to pay half in a month, the remainder by 9/19. Later in August, she said she was short on money, and asked to pay the entire balance by 9/19. Okay, bad economy, I understand that. On 9/22 she pm'd me and explained she had a problem with her bank acct, and she could pay me in 15 days. Still okay, I'm a pretty patient person. Mid - October, still another excuse, and a claim of payment within a few days. Still nothing. When I pm'd her again 3 weeks ago, she again claimed some sort of problem with her credit card, and said that she would pay immediately, next day of so. Again, zero payment. I have pm'd her regarding my decision to keep her deposit and resell the doll, but she hasn't been on the board. I would like to notify her before I repost her out of courtesy. (Although why I feel this way at this point is fairly ridiculous, since she has been beyone rude in this situation.)
    2. Hi Katie,

      I sent a message to you just now, I' m sorry but I was unable to read this before!!!
      I really had big financial issues this summer, now it ' s over but my paypal account has been restricted this last month, I can receive money but I can' t send it. Then, I' m not at my home so I was unable to read my messages as often as usual, I' m really sorry but I swear that I don' t lie... It ' s the truth.
      I didn' t mean to be rude, but I was searching for a solution and I didn' t know how to do !!! I can' t pay with my paypal because I have to send papers about my address, they think that maybe somebody used my account, but it ' s not what happened.

      I bought several dolls on this forum ( a DIM Odelia, a AIL Alice ... ) , I' m very embarrassed because of the situation!! Please write to me ...
      I can pay but I don' t know how to do with paypal, I don' t have a fax, I don' t know if they have a postal adress to write to them...
    3. Update - she has contacted me now, and we are trying to work out a resolution.
    4. justkatie179 ~ Should we go ahead and close this thread then? Glad to hear that the Paging worked!
    5. Please go ahead and close it - I hope we are able to finish the transaction properly this weekend. Thank you Mods for your assistance with the paging!