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Resolved Paging Shamps: Chalco split - RESOLVED

Mar 27, 2011

    1. Due to her failure to respond to several PMs, and her continual reluctance to give me the Soom order number, i am opening a paging thread.

      i have been in contact with Scarecrowe, another individual in the split who was also involved and who is able to contact Shamps personally via text, and she says she hasn't received a number either.

      At this point, i want one one thing:

      A FULL refund of 156.72 for my portion of the split by Friday, April 1st.
      (2 payments of 78.36 cents, paid in February and March of 2010 )

      First payment was sent February 14, 2010. so it's been over a YEAR.

      Shamps, i'm sorry to have to do this but your lack of communication and lax handling of this split pushed me to this.
    2. Shamps was last on the forum 22MAR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I've sent a PM to Lordhelmet to try and resolve this issue.
    4. Shamps has contacted me and agreed to refund my money. Is there someway to keep this paging thread open until all funds have been returned?
    5. Yes, absolutely. Please post here when resolution is fully made.
    6. I am also in this order and Shamps has contacted me with the order number.
    7. I have received the first part of my refund from Shamps. I will post here as soon as i receive the second half.
    8. Soom replied to my post about the shipping date and they have said that he is estimated to arrive at the end of April. I will post again when Chalco arrives. :)
    9. Shamps has paid my the remaining portion of the refund.
      Thank you Shamps, I appreciate your prompt responses and your positive attitude in the resolution of this issue.

      Zagzagael, Although I myself am no longer part of the split as Shamps has returned all funds, Scarecrowe is still a part of the split, and is still awaiting the Soom shipment...Will this paging thread remain open for the sake of the GO? is that possible?

      thank you again for your help.
    10. I have contacted Soom to see if i could get a shipping date, as since i did not get any notice of shipment from them last month. Scarecrowe has been kept updated, as well as contacting Soom herself.
    11. Chalco has arrived and he is absolutely perfect.! :)
      I am considering my part in this split finished. Thank you.