Resolved Paging Shamps - RESOLVED

Nov 7, 2011

    1. I really hate to do this and I'm getting really tired with my transaction I'm having with Shamps and I want this to be over and done with. I was in her split for Shonki outfit and shoes and I chose to have her refund me the money for the outfit. She paid half of the refund and promising to pay the rest in the middle of September and now we in November and I haven't heard a word from her.

      I really want the rest of the money she owes me which is $47US.

      I've been really patient with her, when she told me she had real life problem, which is fine and all, but not a single word since she paid me the first half and it really making me so upset.

      Any Help will be fully grateful.
    2. I've notice she was online and now she off when I've sent her a pm, requesting my money back.
    3. I was just emailed by her friend saying that Shamp is in the hospital. @_@
    4. Shamps was last on the forum today.
    5. I got a reply from her friend who's helping her fix this problem. Shamp's been in the Hospital since the end of september. I'll update this thread as soon as this is resolved.

      I posted this thread before I heard any news.
    6. I'm still waiting on the other half of my refund. if you know this person personally please have her send me the remanding 47 please. The friend that should be helping her resolve this, feels like she's not even helping, saying that she refunded the other half, which is not true, I've never receive the money. T______T this is so depressing .
    7. her friend just send me 25.00 from Shamps' email, so now I have to wait for the $22 left to be refund.

      I'm not sure if anyone is waiting on anything from Shamps, she not able to to leave the hospital and I think it's bad. Her friend is asking me if there is anyone else that is waiting for something from Shamps.
    8. I finally got the money back from her with help from her friend, so this is resolved. I can finally relax.