paging Sharonfish

Feb 3, 2008

    1. I'm not sure what is going on here. I commissioned a sweater and Sharonfish sent a pm with a photo of the completed garment on January 7th. I paid for it and haven't heard a word from her since, nor have I received the sweater. No response to my pm's and she hasn't been active since January 9th.
    2. I'm a little concerned, too. I paid half of my payment for her to begin work on a sweater for me as well, and she sent me progress photos... but I haven't heard anything else from her.
    3. Let's just sit tight a bit with this - the board was down, afterall. She hasn't been on since 9JAN08...but let's give her a bit more time. Does anyone have an email for her?
    4. I have a transaction with her on another forum, that was not down, and have paid a deposit to her.

      I too have progress pictures, but have not heard from her for a couple of weeks. She has no logged on to the other forum since she sent me the progress pics.
    5. We actually haven't heard from her on the Michigan board either... on which she posts regularly... and we haven't heard from her in a couple of weeks either... so I'll see if any of us have her phone number and we'll try to make sure she's ok... because she's a very reliable person.
    6. I called her cell, got a answering service and left a message asking if she was ok... we have a meetup coming up at her house in a couple of weeks, so hopefully we'll hear from her soon. *worries*
    7. Oh man- I hope she's ok! :(
    8. Has anyone heard from Sharonfish whether she is ok?
    9. Nope, those of us in Michigan are still actively trying to contact her... and she has a meetup at her house this weekend... this is all VERY unusual behavior for her. We're very worried.
    10. Wee_Little_Faerie: Could you let us know if you all still have plans to see her this weekend, and let us know if she's okay?
    11. Well.. if we don't hear from her before the meetup, we do not plan on going over to her house... because if something bad has happened, the last thing they need is a bunch of doll people showing up.

      However, there is someone in Michigan who is planning on stopping by and checking things out (this is someone who lives close and needed to drop something off to Sharon anyways, so it wouldn't be an unnatrual or intrusive visit)... and if they find anything out, I'll pass that info along... but that person is currently out of the state, so they haven't had time to do that yet, and they're a very busy person, so I don't feel comfortable pestering them to go check things out. I know they will when they have time, and that they are concerned as well.

      When I hear *anything* I will update further... but currently, no one can get a hold of her... and like I've said... this is *very* unlike her and we're all quite worried, but most of us live hours away from her... or are uncomfortable with going over to her house to inquire about doll stuff should the family be experiencing some sort of loss or hardship.

      One thing we are all positive of, though, is that she is NOT scamming you.
    12. I have also tried to call Sharon after reading this thread. I got the same answering message and no return call. If I can get a vehicle tomorrow (and the aches from this illness go away) I can head over there and see if she is alright since she is only 20 minutes from me.

      I am rather concerned because this behavior is extremely unlike Sharon and I worry that something could be truly wrong with her or her family.
    13. A bit of an update. I went by Sharon's house today and she is indeed alive and other than looking a bit stressed out, seems to be healthy for the most part. Apparently there have been some family issues with people being ill as well as her being stressed with her final semester of school and just having gotten over a bout of Bronchitis. She said she will try to get in touch with her customers soon.
    14. Thanks for the update, sat! I know how it can be with bronchitos... I got hit with it three times last winter. Bleck. Tis the season after all...

      I hope she gets well soon, though! Commissions always should take a back burner to health.
    15. It is now nearly the end of March and I haven't heard from Sharonfish yet. Has anyone else?
    16. No. I was evidently mistaken in how reliable some people can be. I would recommend filing with paypal. Possibly that will get her attention.

      She has been ignoring all PMs, phone calls and general inquiries (at least, from Michigan people who were, honestly, REALLY worried about her and not even concerned with sales) ... the only person I know that has spoken to her is Sat, and that's only because Sat dropped by her house.
    17. Sharonfish has not been on the board since 9JAN08. Please post into this thread if you have contact with her or a resolution to these transactions.
    18. It is too late for me to file a claim and my transaction has gone unresolved.
    19. It is also too late for me to file a claim and I have not heard from her either.
    20. Same here. I am grateful that I had only sent her a partial payment for the comission. :(