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Oct 16, 2009

    1. 5 September I paid $525 for a Dollfie dream custom made doll with two option heads, two kimonos, two wigs, paypal fees and shipping. Listing have now been taken down.

      A week later sherilyn informs me she is not currently at home to send this package. Will I wait or take a refund.

      I decide to take a refund.
      Nothing happens.

      Contact her again and she informs me that she is likely to be back end of the month so if I can wait she will send it then.

      Ok, really want the doll so will wait.
      Nothing happens.

      Decides to give her a deadline of 2 October that if she is not able to send, she should refund me the money and if I do not hear back from her by this date I will open a Paypal dispute.
      Does not hear back from her so opens a dispute.

      She refunds me the money on 5 October but then everything seems to stop as it is being reviewed by Paypal.

      Contacts her and she assures me that there is money in her account and that she will sort it out and let me know.
      That was 5 days ago and have not had another word from her.

      Today I receive the below mail from Paypal:
      We were able to recover $1.84 USD, and this amount has been credited to
      you. Please allow five working days for this adjustment to be posted.

      So just sent her a new PM asking her where the rest of my money is.
      Waiting for an answer.

      Sherilyn, I think I have been really patient with you but this feels like a complete slap in the face. Please get back to me urgently but most importantly, give me back my money!
    2. I also had a rough time with sherilyn... but it was for the exact same Sale!

      Mine actually did go through...

      Here is the screencapped sales thread.

      This was done all via PMs on DoA
      09-04-2009: I first contacted sherilyn about the set. She said it was still for sale. I said the only way I could pay was through layaway. She wanted $300 at that point, but I couldn't do that at that second, so I told her, but she offered to work with me...

      09-04-2009: She accepted, but I had to pay an immediate down payment of $253. The total came to $503 (set was $450+PP fee+$35 s/h). Communication was VERY fast and friendly at this point. She's already sold the eyes that were in this set, so she was going to let me know at a later date the eyes she had available. She said I needed to make payment because she would be gone from her computer all weekend (which I took to mean Sat, Sun, and Mon *Labor Day*... we are both in the USA). I made the payment of $253 and was expecting to finish of payment on the layaway within a month or much sooner.

      09-07-2009 (Mon): I am ready to make my final payment to sherilyn. I PM her asking if I can see the eyes and if I didn't like what she had available, if it'd be possible to have the price of the eyes removed from the price I owed.

      09-10-2009 (Thursday): I still have not received a response, so I PM her again. I hear back from her and she says she is still on out of town, but she borrowed a laptop. She sent me pics of the eyes (links to the pics on the Volks USA website), and I don't see any I like, so the $15 for the eyes is reduced from the price. Communication was fast, yet again. I sent the last payment of $235 and asked what day she would be sent out. She quoted she would be back the following week and the set would be shipped -at the lastest- Wednesday the 16th.

      09-16-2009 (Wed): I PM sherilyn at 7:11PM CST the following Wednesday to ask if the set was shipped.

      09-17-2009 (Thurs): Sherilyn PMs me stating it was shipped with a DC#. She sends another apologizing for the communication (it only seems fast when I am sending a payment...)

      09-19-2009 (Sat):
      I receive the item, but I saw the final pricing of the shipping was $22.60 but I was charged $35. She said that was for "I had to include the cost of time and supplies like, the bubble wrap, baggies, and tape that I used." And that "I had agreed to it", but I did not and I wouldn't have. I did not ask for the package to be weighed because I was under the impression if I wanted the set, I had to claim it immediately at the price stated since she would be leaving on vacation.
      Not only that, but there was black dirt (or staining) and uneven plastic on the back of the DD's thighs:
      Staining on both back of thighs
      Uneven vinyl and staining on back of right thigh. Sherilyn claimed that was not her fault and it was a shipping error. She said shes shipped several DDs and this has never happened. The bubble wrap was directly on the vinyl body (and heads but they were fine) and it was dirty.
      She sent me an image (that wasn't on the sales post, so I don't know when this photo was taken) of how the body left her. She was willing to negotiate.

      Yes, I was upset about this entire transactions. I felt like I had been patient, but things didn't seem right.

      09-20-09 I asked for a refund of the thighs for me to have to order from Volks and $10 shipping refund (which isn't the complete excessive charge, but it is something) which was $45. She said she would only be willing to pay half, to which I refused and just suggested I return the entire set to her because I was very unhappy with this entire ordeal.

      09-22-09 She refused a full refund of the entire set. She states "I am sorry but all my sales on DOA are "final sales". I mention this in all my sales posts and that I do not do refunds." However, this was not stated on her sales post. I decided that no matter what, she would refuse, so we agreed on the $45 refund and call it over.

      09-23-09: She says she will send the refund when she's able to. She offers to directly deposit the money into my bank account, which honestly, really worried and frightened me. She was willing to mail me a money order as well, but since everything happened over PayPal, I wanted to keep it there since that's where things started. I tell her no, but if she wanted to, payment via Personal Payment on PayPal would be fine.

      09-24-09: She agrees to payment by PayPal. She says she will make payment when the funds clear into her PayPal account (they were on "hold"?) or when her husband got paid, so the latest would have been 9-30.

      09-30-2009: Refund is sent around 12PM CST

      I was very bothered by this whole transaction. If my explanation is hard to understand, I will try my best to clarify.

      Also, I sold this set on eBay that past Sunday, Oct 11th, 2009
      Here is a link to the completed auction
      It was shipped to the new owner on Tuesday and I can provide any proof if necessary.
    3. sherilyn was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    4. Just made sure I wanted to clarify in my post... Sherilyn and I did resolve things in our transaction.

      d.ark did tell me in PMs that she purchased the same set that I did. There's a mistake in my post.. the day I made my first payment was on Saturday, 09-05-2009, 08:18 AM, the same day that d.ark sent her payment.
    5. Sherilyn contacted me yesterday informing me that she currently have no funds due to personal reasons and is going to be paying me back in installments???

      I am having a real hard time believing her...

      First, I cannot believe she sold me an item that she had already sold to another member without telling me. That to me is scamming.

      Second, Have had another member contact me about a trade made with her that did not go down too well. If permitted to do so, the member would like to share the information in this thread? It is not related to this transaction but it gives an idea of what kind of person she is to deal with.

      Third, Communication not great from her side, like forgetting to mention that the item was already sold when I contacted her about it.

      Also, from her internet trail it looks like she is starting up a new business selling resin BJD and accessories: www.fomidolls.com. I wonder if that company's business policy will be to sell the same item multiple times as well?
    6. I have also been having issues with Sherilyn. I commissioned her to do a faceup and body paint on my DZ Mini BB Leo and her extra hand. She has given me several dates that she expects to be completed by and then never contacts me again.

      After missing each deadline I have had to contact her several times before she returns my messages. The last contact I had with her I informed her that I needed my doll back before Halloween and if she was unable to complete her obligation and do the faceup and body blush then I wanted a full refund. Halloween, like all her other deadlines, has since passed and I have neither received my doll nor have I heard from Sherilyn. All I want is my doll and extra hand back home where they belong I am no longer interested in getting any work from Sherilyn and would suggest others beware.

      She recieved my doll early June
      First deadline - end of July
      second deadline - end of August
      Third deadline - Halloween
    7. Just wanted to state that Monday, November 2nd the Dollfie Dream set officially reached it's new home.

      I PM'ed d.ark the information I had on Sherilyn, including her phone number and the PayPal e-mail address I sent my payments to.
    8. I hate to do this but...
      Sherilyn has one of my heads. It was supposed to be finished during the last week of October but her profile said she hasn't been on the forum in eleven days. I sent her a PM a couple days ago saying that I'll give her two more weeks to paint the head since she probably doesn't have money for a refund so I want to give her a chance to paint it, but after that I'll need it back and a refund.
      She has only had the head for a month but I don't want it to turn into a situation like ones in this thread. The head is for Christmas so I'll need it back in time to have someone else paint it if it doesn't get done.

      I'll keep this updated, thanks.
    9. I have sent Sherilyn several pm's and have had no response from her at all. Every time I have tried to send her an email she has claimed that she didn't get it. I will try to email her again but I don't expect any better results. All I really want is my doll back it would be worth it to loose my $40 bucks because the doll is worth much more than that to me. I have a 7 year old that is crying because she misses the doll too.
    10. Just want to add that I have still not received a refund and no further correspondence received either.

      Think I will be keeping clear of the MP for a while and just get my dolls from real retailers that actually send the goods you pay for.
    11. Have any of you considered corresponding by pm and perhaps taking these claims higher?
    12. Currently trying to find out what I can do from the UK considering she is in the US. If anyone else is in the UK I am happy to work on this together and share information.

      But believe everyone else who have had issues with her are placed in the US?
    13. I'm going to file a complaint but right now I'm sick in bed with bronchitis and have limited computer use, I'll be back in a couple days
    14. She says she is the "owner of a business" so you may have legal recourse to seize or freeze assets following a court order for such. Your best bet is to each send her a certified letter demanding payment with proof of delivery. Next you would move onto legal action, such as small claims court, Since she is running a business you may have greater leverage since this is a business transaction and may also fall under some sort of interstate mail fraud.

      From the UK I'm not sure what your actual recourse would be, you might be able to tack your case onto one of the other cases, or get a judge to allow you to have someone "stand" in for you since you are out of the country.

      To bad you can't show up at the convention in Dec that she is going to and demand your money back at the artist panel.
    15. I will definitely look into this one over the weekend!
      Thanks for the link.

      What convention is that?
    16. On her doll business site it says "BJD Convention San Diego"

      I've found about 6 sites of hers that she runs, including 2 Twitter accounts (her doll business one and her personal one). I am not sure of the policy on posting the URLs here, so mods please let me know if that's okay or not :)
    17. Posting URLS here should be fine.
    18. The twitter accounts have been posted, but I'm just marking their last update:

      http://www.flickr.com/people/fomidolls/ (not updated publicly since April)
      http://fomidolls.blogspot.com/ (not updated since May)
      http://fomidolls.com/ (business)
      http://www.furokuculture.com/ (last updated June 21)
      http://sherilynonline.wordpress.com/ (last updated September)
      http://twitter.com/fomidolls (last updated Nov 2)
      http://twitter.com/midorilyn (Sherilyn's Twitter, last update Oct 31)
      http://twitter.com/sherilynonline (Sherilyn's Twitter, last updated Nov 14)