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Paging Shin-zo - RESOLVED

Jul 27, 2010

    1. So Shin-zo was the previous leader of the Lady Gaga Minimee order, and she had other problem transactions and got marketplace banned, so I've taken her place as leader. Now Denny is telling me that Shin-zo never payed the full payment on the heads, even though she told us that she had a while ago. So Shin-zo, I must say I am really not happy with dealing with this whole group order, and I'm asking that you please send over, either to me, or Denny, but preferably to me, the money that you owe to Doll in Mind.

      This is the email from Denny, for reference

      And another one, telling the amount that is owed.

      So in total that is $890 USD, which means that Shin-zo still owes us $230. Denny says that if he maybe missed a payment, I would need to tell him on what day that payment was made. So, Shin-zo, I really need to hear back from you. :\
    2. Shin-zo was last on the forum 20JUL. She is already Being Paged in addition to having already been Banned from the DoA Marketplace.
    3. Sorry speaking on Shin-zo's behave (shes away)!!
      Its all paid for i'm sure!! the rest of the money went from a different account!! Let Denny check! Its ALL paid for!I was there when it happened.
      Maybe there was a misunderstanding.! we talked through goodmorningglories@hotmail.com and shin-z0@hotmail.com
      There is proof. we paid even more.
    4. Alright, I talked to Denny, and what Marluxia said is correct. A total of $940 has been payed, so we do not owe DIM that money. So this has been resolved, and the thread can be closed.