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May 7, 2010

    1. I ordered two of Shin-zo's MSD boy starter packs back in early March. I understand that she was having some problems with the post office, so several days ago (I'm sorry I can't remember precisely what day it was) I emailed her to find out if my clothes had been successfully shipped. After getting no reply, I PM'd Shin-zo here on the forums last night. According to her profile, she has been online several times since the PM was sent, but I've received no reply.

      Shin-zo's feedback is flawless, so I'm absolutely willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she simply hasn't received my messages. I'm not trying to be pushy! I just want to know if the clothes I ordered have been shipped, and when I can expect to receive them.

      Feel free to contact me here, or email me at blackdraks_anime@yahoo.com.

    2. I also ordered some started packs, paid on March 24th, asked about my order via email "shin-z0@hotmail.com" on April 8th & April 25th... I checked her profile & she has been on DoA several times but never took time to reply to my emails until tonight.

      Last time I ordered from her my order was delayed so much because the post office sent it back to her due to a problem with my address, she asked for my address again, I did eventually receive the order weeks later so I left good feedback. This time I already asked for a full refund, I rather have my money back than keep chasing her with emails asking if my order is done or when will it be mailed to me... when if she has fallen behind or is having any personal problems she should at least update her news thread or her website.

      her email reply:
    3. She replied to my second email some minutes ago. I guess I will have to wait & hope I get the clothes weeks from now. I read her website over and over & I could not find any post mentioning her spending the money she gets for fabrics and packaging.

    4. Shin-zo was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    5. @ Anamink

      I have replied to your email, saying your packs have been shipped already : <
    6. I am really sorry for the wait on everything but i did learn my lesson, I wont be doing anymore starter packs :< i cant do it all by my self and i had some bad customers too. Stress i rather avoid.
      I'm really close to completing ALL of the orders, please just give me some more time and they all will be shipped.
    7. Thank you Shin-zo, I apologize for having to page you-- I understand that things have been crazy for you, I just wanted to make sure I hadn't been forgotten. I will consider this issue happily resolved for me, but ShadowLink may want to wait until the clothes arrive to call things finished.
    8. Shin-zo has told me she will mail my order on Tuesday May 11th, I hope she emails me letting me know she has for sure mailed the order. I will post an update on this thread when it arrives, thank you.
    9. hi, Shin-zo i was also wondering if you got my messages telling you that i am pretty sure that my order was also among those lost by your post office. i know you probably don't have time to answer all the PMs, but the thing is that also i can't remember if i sent the messages through your website or here, or maybe both. and i didn't know if you got them.

      i think it was a nice thing that you were trying to do with these outfits.
    10. If thats the case i will have a replacement for you sent on Tuesday as well ^^ thank you !
    11. OK, thank you!
    12. Hi Shin-zo,

      I sent you a PM asking for the shipping details on the DOC Ivan I bought from you and have not received a reply yet. It seems like you're answering questions a little faster here... did you send him out and if so what is the tracking number please. Thanks.
    13. Still waiting to hear about my order as well. ^_^;; I ordered on March 6th, inquired after the order on April 9th and was told it would be on the way soon. Emailed again on May 5th (5 days ago) for another update, but have not received a reply yet. I keep checking http://shinzostudio.webs.com/ for an update, but nothing. ^_^;;;

      Transaction ID: 27721916BU488244D
    14. Hello Your pack is almost complete and i'll post it before week ends :>
    15. Hello , PM'd tracking number, sorry for the wait i was away all day ^^
    16. Thank you for the update, I appreciate it. :3
    17. on March 11th I ordered 3 slim mini starter packs ( Item# 960154_12683140). On April 23 I Pmd Shin-zo to see if they had been mailed. She replied that they'd go out the following Tuesday (4/27). I know they have a long way to go to get to me so I'm willing to give it a bit more time, but I just wanted to add that I've not received my packs either.
    18. Thanks for the update, I appreciate it!
    19. I also ordered two MSD girls packs for slim Mini, I PMed Shin-zo about a month ago asking the status of my order, I was told they would be within two weeks, I have still not recived anything, I would just like to know the status of my order.
    20. Adding to this.. I ordered a MSD boy pack the end of Feb. After a while, it didnt arrive, so I PM'd Shin-zo about it. Apparently, I'm one of the people whose packages was lost. She said she sent out a replacement. That was about 3 weeks ago, give or take some days. I'm still waiting for it to arrive :/