Paging shiroiku - RESOLVED

Mar 2, 2010

    1. This is in regards to the "KAMIJO: DIM Minimee" order that was placed by shiroiku and received (as far as all the GO members know) back on January 8, 2010. Here are the facts:

      1. All members were notified by shiroiku on (via the thread) January 6, 2010 that the order was being shipped.

      2. Shiroiku then requested our most current address for shipping.


      I am starting this thread in hopes that someone may know her and can let us know first off - IF SHE IS ALRIGHT. From all indications the group was given this great news that our order was being fulfilled then...ALL FORMS OF COMMUNICATION ENDED. :?

      Shiroiku was last on the forum on January 6, 2010 which is the exact date we all last heard from her. We are all hoping everything is OK and that maybe she was on holiday or something to that effect. Well, it is coming close to 2 months with "NO WORD" and "NO KAMIJO". Everyone in the group is concerned and would like to find out "WHAT IS GOING ON???"

      CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP SOLVE THIS MYSTERY??? We want to make sure everything is OK as well as get what we paid for "OUR KAMIJO HEADS"...At this point any information would be helpful...Thank you.
    2. shiroiku was last on the forum 6JAN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. HELLO! I just wanted to post the names of the forum members who are still waiting for their order to be completed. So far there are 5 of us that are active on the board, two forum members who have not had any activity for 3 or more months and our GO leader who is apparently MIA. If anyone knows any information regarding our missing GO leader or both GO participants...please let them know we are trying to find closure to this transaction.

      Kamijo Group Order Members:

      Abel (ordered 2 heads)
      velvet (2 heads)



      GO Leader (last on forum 1/6)

    4. All I have is the GO leader's email and name.

      Has anyone tried emailing directly?
    5. I ordered 2 heads in this GO($199.20) And I would really like to receive these two Kamijo heads. We all would~this group has been waiting and worrying for almost 2 months now.

      Any information from someone who knows shiroiku would be helpful!~
    6. Here is a copy of the email that I sent to Denny and will keep all you guys informed of any little information that I receive on our order. Thanks ~ dogmalv

      So Sorry to Bother You...‏

      Hi Denny! I am emailing you with a heavy heart today. I had joined a DIM Minimee group order on Den of Angels and have yet to receive the head from the group leader. Everyone else in the group order has not received their heads either and we are beginning to worry. My reason for emailing you is in hopes that you may have some information that will help us locate the person who ordered the heads from you. We do not hold DIM responsible at all for this problem. The group knows that you mailed the heads to Singapore and that was the last we heard of anything. Here is the tracking number from that order:

      Tracking number is em902858502kr at

      What I and the others wish to know is if the box was received by the person who put in the original order. If it was received by her, everyone that ordered a head still has not received their casting. I am sorry that I do not have the sculpt# but I attached a picture of Kamijo to refresh your memory.

      Any information would be very helpful at this time. I want to be very clear in that none of this in any way is the fault or responsibility of DIM. I am just trying to get some information that may be helpful in getting what all of us have paid for. Thank you for reading my email and with any help that you may provide us in finding our Kamijo head sculpts.

      Many Thanks ~ Stacey L Chan
    7. Let's hope Denny knows something... but I think he must know even less than us!

      If someone has contact with shiroiku, please give us some news... We really want our heads home the sooner as possible.

      It's the first time I'm getting on an international GO and now I'm really worried about what could have happened
    8. I have sent email with no luck! :...( But...again that was through the forum. I can try direct email if you want to PM me the email address D4ry_Orchyd...
    9. Hey guys...received word back from Denny...he's always super sweet! I can tell you this much for now:

      1. The package was received by someone in Singapore (I am not sure it was shiroiku though). It looks like the package was taken in by a guy (I think). I do have a name and address but it is useless to try and contact. Unfortunatly, I cannot divulge personal information regarding details of the transaction or post anything on the forum.

      I emailed Denny back to ask if 10 heads were ordered trying to determine if maybe we all think we orderd 10 but in reality only had 7 or 8. I'm still puzzled as to "WHY" 2 members are not replying to "NO KAMIJO"...I'M STUMPED!

      Denny has also mentioned if we have no resolve to this problem, he can try to help us out. I do not know what that means. Maybe a discount to re-order more heads. I do not expect "FREE" as this is "NOT" Denny or DIM's fault. He came through with the product. We just have not received it. It is not our faults either...

      I hope there is going to be a happy ending to this transaction. Many thanks guys and I will keep you updated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM me. I'll answer as best I can...Thanks

      ~ dogmalv
    10. UPDATE:​

      Denny has confirmed the package was received in Singapore at the given address and 10 heads were purchased and shipped. So, I wonder why our other GO members have not chimed in yet? :?

      Very puzzling...
    11. Hey guys...just a small update. I have had a fellow DOA member let me know that she knows someone who may know shiroiku personally and will "TRY" to get a hold of her. I just want to say thanks for any/all help that our fellow formum members give us and hopefully this will put some questions to rest...thanks!
    12. I hope your friend can contact her... cause I'm really worried about those heads
    13. I’m sorry I haven’t updated in ages. I owe every participant in this group order an explanation.

      The heads didn’t manage to reach my house. I was at home all day but the package wasn’t delivered. I called the post office and it seems the heads were delivered to the wrong house and whoever answered the door signed for them. The lady I was on the phone with didn’t seem convinced it was the wrong house but she said they would make a police report. Unfortunately until today whenever I call to enquire about the package I’m told they will check and call me back, but they never do.

      I’d messed up my first g.o. and it made me scared to break the news to everyone, especially since the whole issue is still in limbo, childish as it sounds. It was naive and selfish of me to think that by putting off updates I could avoid the problem. I would like to apologise to everyone for my actions.

      I will be enquiring around the neighbourhood about the package, seeing as the post office is not of any help. If there is no news of the package everyone will be fully refunded. I realise it is hard to trust me now, but please give me 2 days to settle this matter once and for all. Again, I’m very sorry for making everyone wait so long for the news.
    14. Hi shiroiku! Please Pm me. I have some info for you....dogmalv
    15. Shiroiku...Pm me PLEASE! I have some info you may need...unless you've already spoken with Denny. Time now is of the essence since two months have gone by and I do not want to wait any longer just in case "SOMETHING" can be done...dogmalv :aheartbea
    16. OK...Help please! I need shiroiku to PM me. I do not want to wait around to see "WHAT" might or might not happen. It has been 2 months too long that we could have done something about this earlier if we knew about it.
      Shiroiku: I think it is a lost cause to go around your neighborhood and/or deal with the post office. It will get you nowhere. I have in my possession (from Denny) the original order placed by you and the original shipping receipt and who received the package with all their information. I need you to PM me so I can ask you a few questions regarding the order and shipment. This will help to figure out "WHERE" our heads may be.

      It is important that you contact me...a lot of people are depending on the shipment or replacement than lost money $$$$$$$ I, for one, would like my sculpt. The money has since left my account several months back and at this point I do not miss it being gone. Instead, I want what I paid for. I cannot speak for the others but I think they may want their sculpts as well. So we need to get a move on this because if we cannot get the "ORIGINALS" ...we can always try to get "RE-CASTS". Denny still has the sculpt but only for a few months: HENCE, WE HAVE TO MOVE IT!

      IF ANYONE CAN GET A HOLD OF SHIROIKU...PLEASE LET HER KNOW I NEED TO CONTACT HER! If I do not hear from her by the end of the week I will try my hardest to work something out with Denny to see if we can get re-casts at a cheaper price.

      If anyone has any further comments please update this thread so I know your thoughts and feelings on what "YOU" may want to do concerning your purchase. Many thanks...and please shiroiku - contact me! :(
    17. GOOD NEWS!​

      OK everyone...according to shiroiku our heads have been located. I will update this thread even further once the heads are received (and I mean by everyone). Thank you shiroiku and I am truly sorry that for your first group order that you had to go through all this trouble and worry. :...(

    18. Hey fellow Kamijo GO members! According to shiroiku the heads have been mailed out. Please post to this thread once your head is received. This will help us keep track of who has received their head and close the transaction. Once everyone has their head, we can close the paging thread and shiroiku can get her marketplace status back...dogmalv

      Please update this thread so as a group we can all keep track of what has been sent out and received...and we can put this thread to "REST"!!! ;)
    20. bumping this thread for anyone in the group order that has any news on their kamijo head shipment!!!