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Paging Shoofy - RESOLVED

May 15, 2008

    1. I'm paging Shoofy because she's been very unresponsive about shipping my heads, and I regret to have to do this because I've heard she had some problems (I do not know exactly what problems because she never notified me in person)

      I know she's got a very good reputation here on doa so I trusted her to do the face ups for the following heads:
      a peroth head, a unoa faceplate and a soulkid harang head

      febr 15: Shoofy got my heads,

      febr 18: I've made payment for commision faceups

      (on april 8 she posted on her message board :
      for everyone who commissioned me some work..
      i'm sorry but i had so many things going on these days.. since about a month ago..
      so i couldn't work on the commissions..
      n now i have to find a place to move.
      pls wait some more.. i'm really really sorry for everyone.
      and so cuz of this, i'll not accept commissions for this month too..
      at least until i finish all the commissions that i hav already.)

      20 april ish: the heads were finished and were supposed to ship out in a week, but no reply to the pms

      may 3: I finally get a reply that she forgot to write down my adress and she has no internet, so I wait again

      may 10: she replied this after I send a pm asking for my heads again:

      sorry i didn't ship ur heads yet.. T- T
      when i was packin the stuff.. i forgot where i put d eyes u sent me with the heads.. but i found them now..
      and i also couldn't find a post office near my new house.....;;;
      i'll find one soon and send to u right away..
      sorry.. i'm so not organized right now.. T- T

      today is the 15th and she hasn't been online on doa since. I hope that this will soon be resolved. I'm not angry and I do not want to be the boogieman and be the first one to damage her reputation, but I'm starting to worry,I just want my heads back.
    2. well, a friend of Shoofy send me a pm. she has received a text message from Shoofy that she has some health issues. She will also try to contact me saturday.

      ps. I hope you get well soon Shoofy!
    3. i've sent her a pm on 10th May, that i'll send the heads as soon as possible.
      and shipped them on 12th, the following Monday.
      but i didn't get to pm her after the shipping.
      so i'm so upset about how she acted too fast without waiting for my pm.
    4. umm you did not mention anything about the exact date, ofcourse the vage-ness of it all made me worry

      but thank you for the notice, I'll be waiting. I'll keep you posted^^
    5. everything is ok, the heads have arrived, satisfactory resolved!

      mods please DELETE

      thank you