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Paging Shoofy - RESOLVED

Nov 3, 2008

    1. I regret having to do this, but I've given Shoofy plenty of time to reply back to me with the information I was looking for and have thusly not gotten, so...here it goes.

      I sent Shoofy my Unoa Lusis 1.0 faceplate in July. After a few weeks of miscommunication (she was waiting for the mouthpiece and I forgot to send it) she said she was going to start working on my girl.

      These are the PMs and dates starting in August.

      8-15-08 - I tell Shoofy to not wait for the mouthpiece and to just do the faceup on my girl. My faceplate has been gone about a month at this point.

      9-01-08 - I had sent Shoofy another PM asking for the update status on my girl. She replies and tells me that she suddenly had to go to S. Korea for two weeks and didn't get a chance to work on my girl. She said she was sorry she didn't update me, but that she would be back in Thailand mid-September.

      9-21-08 - Still no update from Shoofy, so I asked if she was back in Thailand yet. She informs me that no, she is still in S. Korea and that she's sick. She's asked her roommate to send her all her commissions while she's in S. Korea so she can work on them.

      9-24-08 - Shoofy tells me she'll work on my girl as soon as possible.

      10-16-08 - I ask Shoofy for another update and she tells me that she was going to PM me and that my Lusis is done. She is going to take a picture of her for me so I can tell her if I like the faceup or not.

      10-17-08 - Picture of my girl is posted on her website. I tell her the faceup is fine and to send me the total amount I owe, including postage, so I can pay her.

      10-17-08 - Shoofy asks me what shipping method I want to use. I tell her airmail is fine, as long as it's registered.

      10-19-08 - Shoofy tells me she will ship the faceplate either Tues. or Wed, then send me the information for payment.

      11-02-08 - I sent Shoofy a PM telling her she had 24 hours to reply to me about my faceplate before I posted in the bad transaction page. She did not reply, so here's my post.

      Shoofy, please return my faceplate to me. You've had her for nearly 5 months and I'm sick of waiting.
    2. i'm sorry for not sending her yet, i pmed you so please check it.
    3. I've spoken with Shoofy, however, I will not mark this transaction as "resolved" until my lusis faceplate is safely back with me. I will update this thread once the faceplate has been received by me.
    4. More Updates:

      11-04-08 - Shoofy sends me a PM with the following:
      My reply is as follows:
      11-06-08 - Shoofy PMs me with the following:
      My reply:
      11-09-08 - Shoofy sends me the following PM:
      It is now 11-16-08 and still no faceplate. I expressly asked Shoofy to send my faceplate via Registered Airmail, but received no sort of tracking number, so I can't even check and see where it is.

      I will update this thread again when I have more information.
    5. Dear Descending Twilight, I'm sorry to hijack your thread like this. Is your problem resolved? Because I also have an unresolved transaction with Shoofy and I saw that you already have a thread opened, I hope it's alright if I add to yours.

      Shoofy has a Reminisce Sooah head that I asked to be commissioned for eye opening more than 6 months ago. In between then, we exchanged PMs in which I learned that she could not complete my commission due to health and financial reasons. In our replies, I told her that she can return my commission money later, but I want the head back immediately.

      Finally on Nov 19, she asks if it's OK if she mails the head by registered mail because she doesn't have enough money for EMS. I said yes.

      It's now Nov 28 and I still hear nothing from her. Right now I want her to:

      1) Mail me back the head (registered) and tell me the parcel ID as proof that she has mailed it
      2) If the head has been lost/damaged, refund me the cost of the head ($100) by PayPal

      I've commissioned from Shoofy twice in the past and never had any problems, so I'm very disappointed to have to do this. I hope that she will resolve both of our cases soon.
    6. I haven't heard anything from Shoofy. =( I opened a paypal dispute on the money I sent her for my Unoa. She supposedly mailed it off on Nov. 9, but now it's Nov. 28, and I've got nothing.

      I also asked for her to send it via registered mail so I could track it, but of course, she didn't do that.

      So, just to reiterate:

      On Nov. 27, I opened a Paypal dispute on shoofy for the money I sent for my commission. Since it has been nearly 20 days since she "mailed" my head out and I still haven't received it, I felt it in my best interest to do this.

      Shoofy, I've given you many chances to fix this problem, but you haven't.

    7. i did send the face plate with register airmail.
      and i thought you already received it by now..
      i pmed you with this.
    8. I've received Shoofy's PM today saying that she had mailed both Descending Twilight and my parcel out on the same day, but only my parcel was returned to the sender. Shoofy wasn't aware that my parcel got bounced back until today because she just saw the post office's pickup note. With this, she promises to resend my parcel today (Dec 1).

      Descending Twilight, I wish you the best of luck with getting your Unoa faceplate back! >.< If Shoofy had really sent out your parcel on that date by registered airmail... According to my experience mailing registered parcels to the US, the ETA could range between 12 days to 1 month (latest--during holiday season with lots of mail). Do you have any luck with the PayPal claim?

      Once again I'll update this thread as soon as I have more updates for both of our cases.

    9. So far I've had no luck getting either my faceplate nor my money back. Shoofy did send me a PM today with what she thought was the registered airmail number, but that number was not traceable via USPS.com or thailandpost.

      I'm really quite beyond irritated and have gone into the realm of extremely angry. It's not like I have the money to just go out and get another Unoa Lusis 1.0 faceplate and then pay someone to do a faceup for me. *sighs*

      Thank you for your update eruantale. :)

    10. I've just received Shoofy's PM today with the registered airmail parcel ID of my Sooah head. >.< After we exchanged PMs to double check my address and confirm the commission amount, according to Shoofy, the parcel got bounced back to her because the zip code was wrong. Since I've just checked my ID with the Thailand Post website and it shows that the parcel is at her post office now, I think that I should be expecting the head in a couple of days.

      Descending Twilight, I'm very worried about your Lusis 1.0 faceplate as well and have sent you a PM!! >.< While registered airmail from Thailand isn't traceable, you'll see its whereabouts on the USPS website after it has entered the US so you should keep checking.

      I'll update this thread again as soon as I have more information. Again, I wish both of us luck with getting our dolls back! :)

    11. I sent Shoofy a PM on 11-19-08 stating the following:

      "Hi Shoofy,

      Did you get a tracking number for my faceplate? I asked that it be sent via registered airmail so it could be tracked.

      It's been 10 days since you mailed it.

      Thank you."

      On 11-30-08 I received the following PM from Shoofy:

      "sorry i just saw your pm today.
      i did send it with the registered airmail..
      i do have the receipt but i don't know which is the tracking number.
      this might be.. but not sure
      i thought you already got the mail.. didn't it arrive yet?"

      On 12-01-08 I sent the following PM to Shoofy:

      " Hi Shoofy,

      No, it hasn't arrived yet.

      Also, that's not the registered number. Were there any other numbers available for tracking?"

      When trying to track that number, it came up as "There is no record of this item."

      On 12-2-08 Shoofy sent me the following:

      "i don't see any other number that looks like the tracking number in the receipt than that one.
      i'll go check it with the post office today, so you should do the same too"

      I replied to Shoofy on 12-3-08 with:


      I can't go to my post office unless I have a tracking number. There is no way for them to be able to find a package for me based on nothing.

      You should find out where the package is, then get back to me and let me know the proper numbers I can check so I can go to my post office and see if it can be located."

      I have not received any other information from Shoofy. I have been checking the number she gave me daily since I was given it, and it always returns as "There is no record of this item."

      I am waiting for Shoofy to return from her post office with information on my package.
    12. Today (Dec 6), I received the head back from Shoofy as well as a full refund of my commission money.

      At first I was under the impression that Shoofy hadn't modded the sleeping head because she told me in our previous PMs that she hadn't started the eye opening, nor showed me any previews. However, when the head arrived Shoofy had completed the modifications (which I'm very satisfied with) AND refunded my commission money. Even though the head hook was broken (and missing) and I can't close the head cap, as far as I'm concerned, I consider that Shoofy has completed my transaction with her.

      Descending Twilight, I hope that you'll get your Lusis back soon! :D Again, if there's anything I can do to help at all please let me know~ :) I'll keep checking this thread for updates! =D
    13. Just a small update.

      I have been checking the tracking number Shoofy gave me every day since I was given it. It still returns as "There is no record of this item." on the USPS site.
    14. i've checked with the post office..
      that was the right post code, and they said you could track it with the tracking code.
      but i see that you can't find it, i'll recheck with the office.
    15. Update 12/15/08

      I have repeatedly checked the tracking number Shoofy sent me and there is still no record of that item.
    16. I received my Lusis faceplate today, as well as my eyes and wig I sent with her.

      She seems in tact, but I haven't had a chance to go over her fully.

      I'll update this thread once I've taken her out for a good look. I will also provide pictures.
    17. I have looked over my faceplate and she is intact. She has a lovely faceup and I'm very happy to have her back.

      I consider my dispute with Shoofy over with the return of my property.



      Mods, please close this thread.

      Thank you!
    18. One last note:

      I have closed my Paypal claim against Shoofy with the return of my faceplate.
    19. Thank you for closing this.
      And good to hear that she's back to you now.