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Paging .:silent:. - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

Dec 23, 2010

    1. .:silent:. had a Chrom Firelord head for sale in the marketplace. I paid her 50% down on Dec. 10th. She confirmed she got the money. As agreed , I paid the balance plus shipping on Dec. 17th.
      I have emailed and tried to contact her about finishing this transaction but, no response.
      I hope all is well with her as she has been wonderful about the transaction till now.
      I am worried I am out $250 plus shipping?
    2. .:silent:. was last on the forum 12DEC. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I still have not heard from her. I have posted a refund through paypal today. I should have received the item I purchased already. Merry Christmas to me !!
    4. It has now been 3 days since I filed for a refund from paypal. She has not responded to paypal or myself about this transaction. If I do not hear from her in the next couple of days I will submit this dispute into a Claim.
      I don't understand what has happened? She seemed so nice to talk in her emails.
    5. I have now filed a claim to paypal for my deposit and final payment. Silent has remained Silent! No response from the seller at all. Not to me, not to paypal. I only hope I get my money back?
    6. Still no response from "Silent" . She has not responded to any email or responded to paypal about this transaction.
    7. Paypal has refunded all my money from :.Silent.: . This case is now closed. She has not responded to myself or paypal about this transaction.