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Paging silver.hakuei - RESOLVED

Jul 22, 2009

    1. silver.hakuei and I agreed to trade doll heads on 07/07/09, silver.hakuei and I were suppose to send the doll heads on the same day (Tuesday). I had given her a tracking number and didn't hear back from her until 07/15/09. She said that she had been in the hospital and she'd send the head that day. I have still not heard back from her and she hasn't been online since 07/16/09. I'm getting quite worried since it has been three weeks since the agreement and the doll head I sent should be there and I'm still waiting on her to send the traded head.

      Has anyone heard anything from her?
      I do hope she is alright, however I'm also worried that I may never get the doll head that she agreed to trade me. :(

      Errmm, I accidentally posted this in the wrong place the first time. :doh
    2. Angelesk ~ silver.hakuei was last on the forum 16JUL. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Still No word from her. T.T
    4. I have still not gotten a response. I hate to be rude, but I'm almost to the point of needing to be very straight forward and harsh to her. I have now sent her TWO messages stating that I'd like a tracking number or at LEAST a response.
    5. Still No word from her. T.T
    6. Please, forgive me my silence - I had problems with the Internet.
      I have sent a head today with EMS. EMS trecker was send to Angelesk.
      I once again apologise for a delay, it is very a pity to me that so it has turned out.
    7. Heads Have been traded, thanks Mods ^^