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Paging SilverMoonFae - RESOLVED

Apr 18, 2010

    1. Please, contact me about shipping the minifee body I bought via layaway. I completed my layaway payments on the 7th of April, as promised, but haven't heard from you since. I hope you are ok as you haven't logged on since April 6th. The last communication we had, we both confirmed my final payment date and my shipping address.

      I understand you are a full time student, so please contact me about shipping the body.
    2. SilverMoonFae was last on the forum 6APR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Does anyone have a reliable method of contact that I have missed?

      If I do not get a response from SMF about shipping before Friday April 24th, I will be opening a Paypal dispute against her.
    4. I am very upset at this point.

      I've opened a Paypal dispute with SMF today in attempt to get at least a partial refund as the first payment was over 45 days ago and is closed with no resolution in my favor. Still no contact from her.

      I am willing to accept the body and re pay the remaining balance at any time, I am very understanding as long as there is open communication. If anyone has a way of contacting her via phone or knows her in person, please PM me as I would really rather have the body and be done with this troublesome transaction.
    5. I've received the mnf body today and closed the paypal dispute. Hopefully SMF is okay as she has not been online for a while, thank you Silvermoonfae!
    6. I consider this transaction closed and in good standings!