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Resolved Paging Sinnistarr - RESOLVED MEMBER BANNED

Dec 2, 2009

    1. I can't believe I'm here again.

      I joined a split for a Soom Beyla human head. Paid in separate payments, always on time.
      She arrived on the 11th Nov, but wasn't in the split runner's hands till the 14th, same month.

      The runner has told us on two occasions that she'll ship the items, but the day comes and goes.
      I've since PM'ed her and other members have tried to talk too her, but she hasn't replied.

      We've taken into account you were busy, and maybe it was too early to do this, but we deserve a reply on what you're doing with our items.
    2. I too am in the Soom Beyla Split for the outfit.

      I paid her in 2 Payments, Ontime. I've tried to contact her Since Monday which was the promised day of shipment two times.. Like Clayton has said, She doesnt reply. I am More than sympathetic to a busy life and things not going accordingly.. But it's ridiculous at this point... I wish it hadnt come to this point.
    3. Sinnistarr was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    4. Two out of three split members have paid for their shipping. I am waiting on one last payment.

      I would much rather get these all shipped off at one time but if the last person's money is not in by tomorrow morning I'll go and ship the first two anyway.
    5. havent heard if the other split member paid, or if she did send them out today or not.
    6. ;3; Still No PMs/notices of any kind about shipment :/
    7. Saturday.. No news :< No shipping notices/e-mails/IMs or Private Messages... :/
    8. yet Another day without hearing any news, I Left her a note on AIM and on Facebook, She's been on and hasnt replied :/
    9. This is getting ridiculous, we're obviously being ignored.

      Is there anything we can do, that we aren't already doing?
    10. I don't know if I should be in here or not...technically, I don't know if the Bygg doll has shipped or not to Sarah. I sent her a PM Saturday evening letting her know that we could talk, if she'd just be straight with everyone things could still be worked out, but she hasn't responded, I'm pretty sure she's avoiding the DOA group altogether at this point.

      Does anyone know anyone in her area who could ping her IRL? Otherwise, I think I still have her PayPal email addy, and we could try that. I'm currently only looking for the Soom order number for the Bygg order from her, her behavior on the Beyla split with you guys has made me extremely nervous. :( I'd like to know if I need to make alternate body arrangements for my second Bygg head.

    11. honestly Heidi i dont blame you for making a post here :/ she's still not gotten back to us it's been long enough since she's been paged. she's been on facebook n AIM, avoiding DoA i think now though :/

      havent heard anything ><
    12. Got a hold of Sarah today!

      She said despite weather she'll get herself to bring our stuff to the Post office and send them out.
      *Hopefully* tomorrow we'll have shipping notices/Confirmation #s
    13. :D Oh, that is such good news for you...I still haven't heard from her in regard to the Bygg order however, which is unfortunate. All I want is to know the Soom order #, to be able to keep an eye on it for when it ships... Well, and for her to actually send out our split items as well of course. :sweat

      But I am genuinely thrilled for you and your split partners, silvermasques, because I know it's been stressful. Hopefully she will respond to my PMs as well. :(

    14. Heidi, I reccomend trying to get ahold of her through AIM
    15. I've tried Aim, but I never see her on, I must be doing something wrong, but I can see other people. She may be blocking people she doesn't know... :( I have sent her email, we'll see if she responds to that, but I'm feeling disheartened. My fingers are still crossed for your shipping, meanwhile, I hope you've heard more about that!

    16. Feeling much better going into the weekend, Sinnistarr was in touch with me today, and the Bygg order has shipped, my fingers are crossed that the doll will show up by the end of next week at her place, and all will be well. :) I'm greatly relieved at this point, hopefuly everyone else is getting good news too!

    17. Are we certain the items were shipped this time?
    18. they have not >< Due to the cold weather she hasnt gone to the Post office...*_*:(
    19. From the beyla split 2 out of 3 pieces were sent out. Claytonwinter's piece didnt go out yet she didnt bring enough $$$$ with her to send it, so she'll be making another post office run ASAP, but :3 things be-a moving!
    20. I got my beyla outfit in the mail today! :3 its all in good shape and got here quickly