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Paging Sixfried - RESOLVED

Oct 13, 2008

    1. I recently bought a WS Vampire Breakaway head from Sixfried.

      She was very chatty to begin with and answered all my questions and so I Paid the full price + fees which cost me $470.

      She was very nice during the times she pm'd, and i have no bad feelings towards her.. its just getting ahold of her is near impossible. It's now been 30 days.. and I still do not have the head.

      I paid for the head on the 09-20-2008.. but on the 10-06-2008 she Pm'd me saying that she'd sent it, but that she'd gotten the address wrong and that it'd been returned to sender and that she was going to resend it on the thursday (10-09-2008) this time with tracking, which she would pass onto me.. which she hasnt.. and hasnt even been on since the 7th.

      I've Pm'd her and Emailed her asking for the tracking and am currently waiting for a reply.. but i'm getting increasingly worried.
    2. Have been given a tracking number at last since the head has only JUST been sent =.= here's hoping it actually arrives..
    3. Head arrived today, safe and sound :)