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Resolved Paging sketchy ritsuka - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Jun 20, 2012

    1. I joined sketchy ritsuka group order that started on March 6 and was submitted on the 17th.My order was for two limited edition two toned wigs for the amount of $80.00 USD . After two months of no updates I sent a message on May 2 asking for an update about order with no response . On May 28 I sent an email and got a response on the 29th that she was having family issues and she said the same thing in the group order thread but added that our order had shipped. On May 31 she said Our order had arrived and it had been organized and packages would be mailed out Monday . On June 6 I got a pm for shipping and paid within the hour and have not heard anything since.
    2. I also joined the GO that Rayearth joined. I have PM'd sketchy ritsuka a few times with no response since June 6th. I have also tired to email her once, but no email back either. She has had the order a few days short of 3 weeks now. I understand she is dealing with some personal/family issues right now and has had little time to speak with us. However, I would love to get my Limited Edition two toned wig since they are no longer available and I, along with the other GO participants have already sent payment. I still am unsure if I need to send anything extra for shipping as that is one of the questions I have asked in one of the PMs that I have not received a response to. Please let me know if I owe you shipping sketchy ritsuka and I truly hope you and your family are doing better!
    3. If this helps anyone, Sketchy ritsuka was in a swap i was just recently in. She was my swap partner (i was sending to her) and she never replied. After much talk with the swap leader i found out she had some personal problems. Something about someone being in the hospital. Anyway, I have gotten no communication from her despite several PM's. I dont know if this helps (no i dont have any open transactions with her, just trying to help!)
    4. sketchy ritsuka was last on the forum 8JUN. She is now Being Paged.
    5. I am hoping that she and her family are ok. I also received a PM from her on June 6th with the shipping amount. I paid right away and have not heard anything since. She had good feedback, so I believe this delay must be a result of her personal situation with an ill family member. It would be great if she could make other arrangements to mail our items if she is unable to do so.
    6. Hi, everyone. :) I'm good friends with sketchy ritsuka, and I know her in real life. I apologize for not speaking up earlier seeing as I picked up my wigs from her house some time ago and didn't realize the others had not been shipped. :( Yes, the delay is because of domestic issues but it's also due to insufficient funds. (Rather, I should say "was.") After talking to her about it (today, approximately two hours ago), she said that she had to wait for enough money to send them out and will do so this coming Friday. This is all I know for now; I just learned about this issue two hours ago. I also apologize on her behalf and hope this information serves as good news to everyone. :sweat Please let me know if I can be of anymore help!
    7. Could you, or preferably sketchy ritsuka, elaborate on the "insufficient funds" bit. I, and I assume the rest of the GO participants, received this PM on June 6th:

      According to what most people discussed in the GO thread before this thread was opened we all payed promptly after receiving this PM. So the funds for shipping should have been in her possession for close to two weeks now. Call it a week and a half if she had to wait to transfer payment out of Paypal.

      Assuming shipping ended up being more expensive and she could not afford to pay the difference out of pocket I know I would have preferred being contacted and asked to send a little more as opposed to no further contact for two weeks.
    8. That you will have to ask sketchy ritsuka about; I'm just relaying the response I received. *_* Nevertheless, I'll contact her promptly and let her know about this forum. It's more than possible I misread the message I received....
    9. But from what I do understand, she said: "Otherwise, I'm sending you all a single invoice. The price is a generalization for shipping. If the shipping is more, I will pay for it out of my own pocket. As I feel bad for making all of you worry because of my shoddy situation." Shipping turned out to be more, and, as she said, tried to pay for it out of her own pocket. :( Anyway, I notified her about this forum just a few minutes ago, so I don't want to speak for her too much, but it did come down to having to pay more for shipping from what I understand. Again, if I'm mistaken, I apologize greatly. :doh
    10. Yeah. 5$ isn't enough for shipping. I'm paying the rest of everyone's shipping. So I have to wait to get paid to ship them out of my own pocket. I just got my check, they'll be out tomorrow.
    11. a few things ...

      1.keepithushhush love the username
      2.Like keepithushhush said if shipping fees were a problem a simple pm could have resolved this.
      3.If she is going to mail packages tomorrow please remember that that those of us that ordered the $40 two toned wigs got a free wig with purchase. Since I order two I should have a total of four wigs.

      4.I hope she understands that this thread was not created to be mean and we all just want this transaction to be over. ^__^
    12. Sketchy could you please let me know what I owe you for shipping? I know you said before our order that I had already put some down on the shipping. Thank you.
    13. Since from what I can tell no one has heard from Sketcy. I just wanted to share the email I got from her after trying to contact her again :

      Got paid yesterday so I shipped everything out then. When you guys gave me 5 for shipping, it stays on my PayPal lol so I had to wait till I got paid to send it out. You should get it this week I think

      On Jun 23, 2012, at 3:08 PM, thegreatkait@gmail.com wrote:

      Oh thank you so much for letting me know! I have been so worried about it! Is this sketchy? If so I was wondering if the wigs shipped. I hope things are getting better for you!!

      Hope this helps, I'll also post this same message in the other thread dealing with the GO. I figure that way everyone will be able to see it.
    14. I have received my package ^__^
    15. Me too. All items accounted for, well packaged in a bubble mailer, sent Priority with Delivery Confirmation for $6.25. Should we go ahead and have this thread closed or wait for others to chime in?
    16. Might be best to leave it up and wait for the others to receive their items too, should something be wrong (though I hope not!) I'm hoping my package too soon! Thanks for the update guys. :)
    17. I received mine today.
    18. Recieved my package yesterday. Everything was accounted for and got here safe and securely :)
    19. Got my wig! It was beautiful and packaged carefully! So happy!!! :D
    20. I received my package yesterday (July 3rd) as well! I agree, the packaging was great, and both my two-tone and the free wig look wonderful! Thank you, Sketchy!