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Paging SkyFire Fox - RESOLVED

Feb 17, 2009

    1. I started 2 Heliot Splits back in January and SkyFire Fox took part in one of them. I told her I was going tp order it on 5 month layaway from Soom( before Soom changed it to 4) She asked me for all of the horse parts and she agreed to my prices and told me that the layaway was fine. I have listed the items, prices and total of everthing below.

      The things and price total of what she wanted: SkyFire Fox
      R. Heliot Head: $100

      Hooved Legs: $130
      Bow & Arrow: $65
      Master Hands: $35
      Parts Total: $330
      Shipping: $26
      TOTAL: $356

      She made her first payment before the order date and the doll was ordered on Jan. 13 with out a problem. On January 30th she sent me this PM:

      To which I replied:

      After that PM was sent she never replied to me and after that I sent her a few more PMs to let her know that Soom had changed the layaway period and she needed to up her payments. I had also sent her another PM on Feb. 10th to let her know that we needed her payment soon becuase it was coming time for the next pay period. This was the PM that I sent:

      To which I had no reply. After that I sent her an E-mail stating that I needed her payment for the split or else we could not get her the parts. Today SS108 sent her an invoice from Paypay to attempt to get the money that we need. This is the invoice that she sent:

      Your payment for the Heliot split you are currently participating in with Songra-chan is several days overdue. Payments for this split are required on the 13th of each month to meet Soom's layaway plan. You have paid $110 of $356.
      Songrachan has attempted to contact you several times, both on Den of Angels and through email.
      If you no longer wish to particiapte in this split please contact Songra-chan
      on Den of Angels and the situation will be worked out
      We didn't want to have to open a paging thread but we need to get in contact with her ASAP, because we need the money and if not she will either be owing us money or not getting her doll parts and if worse comes to worse we may have to refund her the 110 she sent and open the split up again for another buyer.
    2. SkyFire Fox is now Being Paged. She was last on the board 31JAN09. Please keep this thread updated with resolution!
    3. I have just mde the full payment I owe. I have not recieved any email, and I haven't been on DOA in a month. I'm sorry for the inconvienience.