Paging SoPita en Su - RESOLVED

Oct 28, 2010

    1. On Saturday Oct 16th I agreed to buy Sopita's doll Domuya Ida which I had seen on her sale thread in the MP here on Den of Angels. I asked for Shipping with Insurance, which she quoted me for. I paid in full the same day and she PM'd to confirm receipt:

      " Perfect!! I recived the money now ;P
      This week i send the doll!!

      surely it can send it east Tuesday or Thursday, I send a p.m. to you when it sends it.^__^ "

      By Friday Oct 22nd I hadn't heard anything from SoPita so I sent her a PM that morning asking if she'd had chance to ship the doll. I was able to see, from Message Tracking, that she had read my PM that afternoon, but didn't reply. She was on the board again that evening, but still no reply to me.

      On the morning of Sat 23rd I PM'd again. She replied at lunchtime and apologised. She explained that she'd been ill and in the hospital. She said she was sending my doll right away and would give me the tracking number on Monday.

      " I have been ill, and I was yesterday in the hospital by my father, it shipment today.>3< Sorry!!
      this Monday you shipment I number of pursuit "

      I replied right away to say sorry she was ill and thanks for sending my doll.

      Monday Oct 25th -
      SoPita was on the board early afternoon but did not contact me.
      In the evening I was on the board when I saw SoPita come online on the board too. I quickly sent another PM to attract her attention. My PM's remained unread and she did not reply to me.

      I thought perhaps there was something wrong with the PM system, so I sent copies of my PMs to the email address I had used to Paypal the money.

      Tuesday Oct 26th -
      I received a PM from her at lunchtime:

      " it pardons, my father was entered Friday by an operation of cancer, these days I am not in house, the doll is sent, already I said to you that I walk occupied very, tomorrow I command to you I number of shipment
      I have not been able would answer before because there am been in the hospital these days. today I am connecting myself from cyber, tomorrow from each I command to you I number of shipment. "

      I replied immediately to say how sorry I was that her Father was ill, and thanked her for promising to send me the tracking number on Wednesday.

      Wednesday came and went - SoPita was on the board at lunchtime that day and again late evening, but did not contact me.

      Today, Thursday 28th, I am weary of trying to communicate through PMs. I am very sympathetic about family health issues, but I fail to understand why she is active on the board at least twice every day and yet is unable to tell me the number. It's important for me to track the delivery due to the doll being sent to my place of work. That's why I paid for priority shipping.

      This is what I hope to achieve from this thread:

      SoPita - Please tell me the tracking number for my doll

      Thank you very much
    2. SoPita en Su was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Thank you very much Zagzagael.

      Yes, I saw that she was on the board this afternoon, but I'm sorry to say she still didn't contact me.

      Thanks again
    4. Yesterday (Fri 29th) I was on the board at midday and saw SoPita come online and read this thread. Shortly afterwards I received a PM from her:

      " now I am from class, tonight you shipment I number of shipment. "

      I haven't heard from her since.
    5. Just a quick update to say that SoPita was last on the board at 11.40pm last night (Sat 30th) but still hasn't sent me my tracking number.
    6. my father this with cancer, warns that he could take in sending the package.

      I spend the days to me in the hospital, I have not been able to answer before. the package is sent, in principle will arrive this week. maximum Monday. not more.
      I am sending you a pm with a paper copy of the charges, numer send etc. paypal please fix it, because it is now held the money you paid for a doll that I sent. fix what paypal, please.
      I have had contact with you and I have told about the cancer, a little understanding are some very bad days in my life. I can not be online.
    7. On Monday Nov 1st I decided to open a Resolution Dialogue in Paypal in the hope of obtaining my tracking number. I sent a short message through that service to say I was tired of the broken promises and please could I have the shipment number.

      On Wed Nov 3rd SoPita replied through Paypal with a string of messages - either completely in Spanish, or half-English half-Spanish, this being the most intelligable of them:

      " 11/3/2010 06:33 PDT - Seller: envoy, you must receive it this same week, maximum Monday, already I informed to you that many hour worked, has agreed with the cancer of my father, and the package ah sent my mother, I am not in house, so I have not been able pronto enviare el numero de seguimiento, hoy llamo a mi madre para que me diga cual es. "

      Then she escalated the Dialogue to a Claim - against herself! All this was done within ten minutes.

      11/3/2010 06:41 PDT - PayPal: Seller escalated this dispute to a Claim.

      As she had done that I was unable to reply as that option was gone, and the Paypal page just showed me the current status, which was that they were waiting for her to supply them with "additional information" - presumably Proof of Shipment/Tracking Number.

      Yesterday evening, Thurs Nov 4th, she posted the message above here on this thread, and also sent me a PM. The PM did not contain the tracking information as she states above. This is what it said:

      " he solves the retention of the money in paypal, I need the money that I have sold to you, and now do not have paypal by your complaint.
      in paypal you have a copy certified of the shipment. please it solves this, because right now I have sent a wrist but I do not have the money by her. "

      I checked Paypal and all I could see on the claim page was that the progress of the claim had moved from "Awaiting Seller's response" and was now on "Being reviewed by Paypal" with a promise to complete the review by Nov 21st.

      I replied to SoPita's PM:

      " Hello SoPita

      I am very confused. All I did in Paypal was open a "Resolution Dialogue". That is where I can send you messages and you can reply. All I wanted was the shipment (tracking) number. It is very important for me because of the parcel being addressed to my work.

      You escalated it to a Claim! I was amazed when Paypal sent me an email that said "The Seller has escalated this to a claim". Why did you turn it into a claim against yourself?

      Paypal have not shown me anything. Did you send Paypal the shipment number? I have logged into my Paypal account to try and see it, but they do not show what you sent. Also there is no place on the claim page where I can ask them about it.

      Can you send me the shipment number? I think you must have sent it to Paypal. So can you also take a minute to send it to me? If I have the shipment number, then I should be able to cancel the claim. I will be happy to do that, but I will need the number first.

      Michaela "

      Within minutes I received a PM back from her with a link to a photograph of the shipping receipt, complete with tracking number! It was all correctly filled out, with my name and work address, and had indeed been sent Priority Airmail, but the date of sending was Nov 4th - that same day!

      I tried using the tracking number, but of course got no results as it was too new to be active yet. I PM's SoPita again:

      " Hello SoPita,

      Thank you very much for the EMS receipt paper.

      However, I am still confused.

      The date on the receipt is 4/11/2010 - that is today! Did you only just send the doll today???

      On Saturday 23rd October you told me the doll was sent. Here is what you told me:

      " it shipment today.>3< Sorry!!"

      Then on 26th October, you told me:

      "the doll is sent, already I said to you"

      So, what you told me in October - is all that untrue? I am very sorry for your problems with your Father's health, and I hope he is well soon. But it is important to be honest with me.

      I tried the Shipment Number in the EMS website, and the Correos website. It does not work, but the website says that is because the parcel is only sent just now. The website says I must wait a few hours before it will work. So I will try again later.

      Michaela "

      I have had no reply to that PM. This morning the Spanish Post website Correos shows that the parcel is currently in Spain at the International Despatch Office:

      " Shipment Tracking
      Mailing code: CP326011030ES
      04/11/2010 In transit
      05/11/2010 Dispatch from the point of origin international office "

      I feel saddened by the lies SoPita has told me over the last two weeks.

      Priority Airmail within Europe is usually very fast - 3-4 days. I would expect that my doll will arrive on Monday. In view of her dishonest behaviour to date, I now prefer to wait and see the doll before I cancel the Paypal claim and mark this thread as resolved. I feel that is reasonable under the circumstances, and I don't really think she can expect anything else.
    8. By the way...
      I have paid for Lee Jun Ki's head at 22/10/10. But haven't received any PM or tracking number yet...
      I hope is just bad coincidence.

      SoPita en Su, I'm sorry that your father is ill, but I'm waiting any answer about my situation.
    9. My doll arrived this morning. She was well packed and in the condition described in the sale thread.
      Also, on Friday SoPita en Su replied to my PM of Nov 4th and explained that she thought her mother had sent the doll earlier.

      So for me this transaction is now resolved and I have cancelled the paypal dispute.

      Leetah-chan may wish to continue with this thread though.
    10. I'm waiting for answer from SoPita en Su.
    11. For me this transaction is now resolved.
      I have no reason for complaint to SoPita en Su.