Paging Soubikun - RESOLVED

May 13, 2010

    1. I just want to put this here so I can write this down.

      I bought an OE Feeple Breakaway head from Soubikun on 17th of April. I was informed that the head would be posted the next business day. (the following Monday 19th April).

      I messaged back when the head did not arrive, on the 29th of April.

      Soubikun then informed me that the head had been posted the Wednesday of that week, the 28th.

      I have then waited two weeks, and still the head has not arrived. It is now the 13th of May, almost a month since I bought the head. I would like to know what happened to it.
    2. Additional information:

      At no point have I been giving a tracking number. I was informed that it had been misplaced. I always pay for insurance and tracking on doll items.
    3. Soubikun was last on the forum 6MAY. She is now Being Paged. Please put a link to this thread in her individual feedback thread and update here with resolution.
    4. Replied to the PM. Will Re-send the head, It was returned to me due to an error on my part I miss filled the shipping information out. Will Re-send by Monday with freebies included.
    5. Am happy!

      Will post again when head arrives and all is better again!
    6. Hello dear :>

      I just want to continue paying for the body but i need your paypal again, i Pm'd you but it might've not reached.
    7. The head has arrived in one piece and with some extras (thanks!).

      Everything is great, thanks very much!