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Paging Splynterhayde - RESOLVED

Jun 10, 2010

    1. Hey hey...so, I finally decided it was time to come around here and post up a thread to try and track her down. I'm not in danger of losing money or being scammed, no no... Splynterhayde participated in my Chalco split and I talked to her through most of it, collecting payments and the sort, then when the doll actually came in I tried to get hold of her but got no answer. :c

      I've sent her a few PMs but haven't heard from her, and she hasn't posted anywhere on the forums in a few months now. I'm just concerned is all, her things are still packaged up and safely stored, waiting to be shipped out.

      So if anyone knows how I can get hold of her or if she's around/alright that would be splendid! Thank you!
    2. Splynterhayde was last on the forum 1APR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I'm not in a transaction or anything with splynterhayde, but she was supposed to be hosting a large local summer meetup we had been planning in a thread for months and it has since been taken over since no one can get ahold of her (either by this forum, email or text messages). I'm going to try to get in touch with her again, so she knows she'd being paged. I'm not sure why either but I hope she responds to you soon DamonGrey! >.<
    4. :c okay, I'm just more concerned about her being alright then anything, I don't mind holding on to the items until she comes around again. I hope someone can get hold of her soon, to ensure she is okay! <3
    5. I've tried a few times myself to get a a hold of her [have some customizing I'm doing for her, fyi] and have gotten no answer either. I'm getting worried and hope she's doing okay D: Will subscribe to the thread in hopes she pops up at some point.
    6. Hey everyone,

      This is the first time I've been back here in awhile (it looks to me from what Zagzagael has posted that I have not been here since April or maybe even May, which seems accurate enough to me) and first and foremost, I'd like to apologize for my going AWOL in the middle of so many transactions/plans. It was hardly my intention, and though I have been contacted by phone thanks to Reaper, I have mainly been removed from the internet/have not had much time to be here because of some very large life changing events going on in my life.

      I'm not going to go into them in detail (unless asked privately, for the sake of peace of mind for those who are involved with me and deserve answers; my business partners, my friends, and the mods, if judgement is needed) but things have been very difficult, and I've been lying fairly low. I will be forward enough to say that since April, I have had alot of drama come my way. Some of the larger and more important issues I've been dealing with include a few deaths (mostly pets, but very important losses after long and then two sudden illnesses that neither myself nor my partner has taken well, and I've also lost an uncle) in the family fairly closely timed together, loss of my partner's work, and most importantly to me, my partner is going through an extreme change in life that has unfortunately taken most of my time and support since the problem came to light to us. I'd been initially told about it in March, but it is an affair that has somehow involved almost everyone we've known together closely, and things really came to a head about the time I stopped coming here as my partner has tried to make peace with family members. In the fervor of these events, I'm sorry to say that I just did not have the mind to deal with many of my correspondents, and concentrated instead at the tasks at hand.

      In short, I ignored Reaper's requests to return, avoided the website, and then in the midst of my real life problems, I completely forgot about my doll transactions. I am a frequent seller in this marketplace (and buyer) and I know from experience that this sort of tardiness is unacceptable. I'm sorry.

      I did not mean to let ends go unmet for so long, and I accept full responsibility for my actions, including not keeping in touch with the people I know here, and failing to organize an event when so many were looking forward to it. It was irresponsible of me, and I am ashamed of my 'bailing out' on the doll meet when I knew that others were looking for me. (As I'd said, I did receive a text from Reaper, several, actually, stating to check my PMs and that people were worried about the Doll Meet up, maybe back in later April. I had told her I would check them as soon as possible, but put coming back here to look at the event off instead. This was solely my fault. It was completely irresponsible and I admit that, feel shame and regret for it.)

      I have many messages in my inbox, I see now. I promise that I will spend the rest of the evening replying to them, and again, I really do apologize for everything. I've come back mainly to settle things, to fess up to my childish behavior and to offer answers to anyone who is looking for them. To those waiting on my appearance here, I also once again apologize and ask for forgiveness. It is not in my nature to be so immature. And I know it sounds lame, and that it is used as a number one excuse with those who have done wrong in the Marketplace, but really, I was just dealing with so many problems that I did not understand how to handle.

      I'm sorry, guys. I'm moving to my PMs now and will respond to all the messages there. If there is anything else I can do here, or elsewhere, please let me know. I will deal with the rest later. There is still much to be done here at home, but I know I've done some wrong to you all and want to at least set a few things straight before I go back to what I was doing. I'll make a huge effort not to dissolve into thin air again. I'm so sorry.

      More to come in PMs to those who've messaged me. Again, if anyone else would like to know anything, please send correspondence and I will reply in kind. Thank you for hearing me out.

    7. I'm just happy to know you're alive ;3; -I'd gotten pretty worried. I'll be waiting for your pm then to talk more.
    8. I'm sorry that I seem to have worried everyone so much. The last thing I wanted to do was make people think I was hospitalized or worse. Honestly, asides from perhaps the meet up people, I didn't think my absence would be noticed or would cause so much trouble. Or open up a paging thread, since it really had slipped my mind that our Chalco order would be coming, (I'm sorry, Damon.) and my working relationship with Nezumitoo is very casual and often goes spaces without contact from either of us (comfortably so). I've caused a bigger inconvenience than what I'd dreamed of, and I'm very, very sorry.

      On that note, I have sent word to everyone I am dealing with at the moment, mainly, everyone who has responded to this thread (whose replies are visible).

      Reaper, as an after thought, since I technically owe an apology to all the others who are attending the Masquerade, if you would like to direct them to this thread, you can, in case they wanted to read the open letter I've posted. It applies to them as well, but I don't want to intrude into something that you all worked so hard for, so, to make sure I don't 'bomb the party', so to speak, I won't post there unless requested. (The the fact that I am sorry to them still remains the same.)
    9. I'm so glad to read that you are well, I was worried, have to say, even though our contact was brief. : )
    10. I've sent you a PM, KiwiLady. There is still another message I owe you from a discussion we were having before I'd left, and it will be coming your way sometime this evening or the evening next, depending on when my schedule allows.

      I'm sorry I've worried you. I'm alive. Situations are still very much tense where I am at now, meaning that my time on the website will still be limited for an indefinite time to come, but I have been doing better since I trickled out of existence here. I plan to be more responsible with how I conduct myself in the future, and there will not be any more lengthy removals of self from Den Of Angels without due notice to those I am dealing with.

      Sorry to everyone, again. I feel very stupid for causing such a ruckus. Anyone else who would like information is more than welcome to post here, if Zagzagael allows, or to those who inquire over Private Message. The reason why I'm being fairly vague with the events that have gone on for me is because the information is very personal to not only myself, but to my partner as well, and I do not want to broadcast what has been happening when the knowledge is delicate in that sense. It is not my information to give freely since I am not the center of this issue, if that makes sense.

      I apologize for lack of convenience that way, but am still open to discuss with close individuals (and again, moderators if need be) over the situation that has transpired. I also thank everyone for their concern regarding my unexplained absence.

      If there's anything I've left out, or anyone, at this point, please let me know. I am a scatter brained person and have a hard time knowing what's what, sometimes.
    11. After two days of messaging, I've caught up with all the old PMs in my inbox, and have responded in kind to some replies from others.

      At this point, I would like to repeat that if I have left anyone out, please feel free to PM first, or make note of it here, at which point I will send you contact as well.

      I am now waiting on responses from those I have sent word to. There is nothing else that I can do from here until that happens, and I plan to check my messages at least once daily until that happens.

      Still so sorry about all of this. If there's anything else to be done, please let me know.