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Resolved Paging Splynterhayde

Dec 24, 2017

    1. I really don't know how else to contact Splynterhayde but I hope that he can get in contact with me by being paged. If I get no reply then I will consider his dolls abandoned.

    2. Splynterhayde was last on the forum on Jan 6, 2016. They are now being paged.
    3. Hey, I have this person on Facebook. Please get in touch with me and I can put you two in touch!
    4. Splynterhayde got in touch with me through facebook, thankyou KittyFields for your help <3
    5. Hello, everyone.

      I had taken an extended leave from the hobby due to some very severe mental health problems. I have spent time in the hospital for them and could not function as an adult for a period of time due to my diagnosis, so my hobbies went to the wayside while I focused on my recovery. I will disclose further details to anyone who asks personally, as I am honest and an open book, but I'd prefer my diagnosis to be private that this point in time to the average stranger who may be reading this.

      I have sent Krowbar a message about the dolls that I have left with him. I want to take responsibility for my actions and will not disappear again until this transaction (and any others, if I have them - I will be going through my messages in the next few weeks to make sure loose ends are properly tied!) has been resolved. I ask for forgiveness in the handling of this issue previously. I have not been well.
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    6. I am back in contact with Splynterhayde on facebook so I consider the issue resolved. Thankyou for your help guys.
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