Paging starcatcher_017 - UNRESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Jun 30, 2010

    1. I really hate to do this but I left with no other options. I'm paging starcatcher_017, because I've ordered a shirt from her since April 11,2010 and till now I got no news from her. She told me she shipped the shirt out on April 26, 2010 and I waited for some time. Then she sent me another message on May 28, 2010 saying that my package was being returned back to her because the address she got wasn't that clear so I replied her again with my address on the same date. Since after that I heard no news from her. I checked she was on, on Jun 14, 2010. That means she must have read my PMs but she didn't reply me at all or informing me whether she posted out or not. I re send twice PMs to her on 17 and 20 of June but till now I still haven't got any news from her. I just wanted to let her know that I am paging her so once she's on she could give me a reply as soon or as fast as she could.

    2. starchater_017 was last on the forum 14JUN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. pm'd you.. sorry for the trouble..
    4. Received your replies.... But I guess I will still keep this page... once after I receive then I can let you know.
    5. Was this ever resolved?
    6. Seller replied saying the package already lost in the post and she willing to replace another items for me.
    7. It already pass so long thou till now I still haven't heard anything from her. Dear Mod, please help me to set this post resolved. I guess is alright for me now.

      Thank you so much.
    8. Did you receive your refund?
    9. August 10, 2010
      This is the last message I got from seller on August 10,2010. I am still not sure whether she did what she said or not as till now there's no news from her yet. I didn't get my refunds but from the past message she did mention upon replacing items for me.