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Resolved Paging starlessnight - RESOLVED

Jan 30, 2012

    1. I really hate to do this but...

      I bought a Migidoll Miho from starlessnight about a week ago, everything went perfectly until I recieved the box.
      The doll was pretty well packed, including a facemask and a silicone cap. At this point I just thought she was a careful owner and worried too much about the safety of the head. So I decided to open the headcap and take a look in, for my surprise it came off too easily and I just noticed two pieces were broken! I found the pieces laying around the bubblewrap outside the head... how could've that happen if the doll was wearing a facemask? The only possibility that I could think of is that he was broken before she sold him.
      It wasn't just that, the head came stained inside (I already washed and cleaned the head with thinner, nothing worked) and with a little bit of yellowing. Nothing like the doll she have put on the sales thread.
      I tried to contact her since saturday with no response, just to discover that she's in Europe. I'd like to ask parcial refound of this transaction, or the total value of the insurance if she can proves that the head broke due to irresponsability of the mail service, wich I think it would be pointless since the box came in perfect condition.

      Here are the pics about this case.

    2. I tried to contact her through facebook messages on monday but I've had no response (even to the friend request), although she keeps updating the status about her trip.
      I'll ask for people who knows her and try to find her telephone number and talk to her dad.
    3. I've finally got to contact her, she said the doll must've been broken during the transportation. I asked for an insurance so we'll try to talk with the mail service here in Brazil.
      I'll keep the thread open until their resolution!
    4. starlessnight was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    5. another unhappy update:

      The head was sent to further analysis on the mail service central 19 days ago, such analysis should have leasted about 5 working days. I contacted starlessnight and she informed me that I have to make a choice. I can have the head back OR the insurance, but not both.
      I'll not go back with this thread, as much as she's helping me there's no such way I'll end up with a damaged up head and no insurance in the end! As I said before, I reclaim at least a parcel of the money back at least for the stains, wich I was not informed to begin with.
      As for the postal service I'll make sure to make suitable arrangements for it acording to the law in our country.
    6. Ealy update:

      I called the postal service early this morning asking their client-server if what starlessnight told me yestarday was true, and for my utterly deception it is.
      I demanded to have the object back into MY HANDS 'til the end of the week. I'm keeping contact with the seller and agreeding into a refund for the stained parts.
    7. A new update:

      The postal service can't give me an estimate delivery date (or time limit)and at the same time can't guarantee that it is in it's best conditions (or in one piece). I've been contacting the sellet through facebook and she agreed into refunding me into 35% the value of the head, wich will be paid after I recieved it.
      I'll keep the thread open until all of it is solved.
    8. Another update:

      The postal service decided in our favor and will refund the full value of the head, but they can't guarantee my item back. That will be decided until March 20, and the money will be sent to starlessnight account until March 27 (It's their policy to refund the sender) and she'll refund me.
      Now I feel that I can finally breath, by the end of the month this nightmare will end. Until then I'll keep this thread alive.
    9. Another sad update:

      Well, the postal service decided to keep the item...I guess this boy is gone now :/
      I warned starlessnight on facebook about their decision and gave her (in this case her uncle) until March 29 to refund me the full value of the insurance.
      I guess this story will be finished by the end of next week... I'm still not happy about our postal service policy but I'll save that for'em.
    10. Well, we had some problems and the payment date of the insurance was moved to April 13th.
      But on this day Starlessnight sent me a message on facebook saying that her uncle contacted the mail service and changed the receiving account to mine. Ok 10 more working days... And nothing.
      I called the postal service twice, both times they said he didn't changed the receiving account and that I couldn't do that.
      Once again I sent a message to starlessnight reporting everything, she said I should be patient (Even after 3 months) cuz the mail service were having a major problem with payments since last year strike.
      Today I made one more call, and for my surprise the attendant said the same thing as the previous ones (a.k.a. no account change) and added that they've sent money already and he should check his account. IF not recieved he should call'em and they would send the money ASAP...

      I'm really, really tired about all this whole story...
    11. Uff!
      I can finally say that the story ended!
      starlessnight made the deposit today and I already have the money.
      Now I'll leave all the decisions up to the mods.
      Thanks for all!