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Resolved Paging suicide_bunny - RESOLVED

Dec 4, 2011

    1. All right. I have been having problems with this seller for the past week and it has got me frustrated beyond belief. I have also tried contacting a Mod (Zagzagael) and since the mods don't interact with transactions they said I can page her here.

      I commissioned suicide_bunny back in September of a dress, shirt, stockings, neck tie and hair ties. After receiving the clothes and accessories I was not pleased and told her maybe I can fix it.But why should the buyer fix something that a seller has to fix? Thinking about it for a week I decided to tell her I am still not satisfied and want my money back and it has NOT been fixed right.
      Then suicide_bunny acts very rude towards me and refuses to give me refund. As she says here:
      I corrected her and told her it has only been one week exactly since I have received the dress and accessories themselves. After much arguing for literally THREE days she finally let it go and said she will give me my money back once I give her tracking. I told her to expect it the next day. Then I even went back to even APOLOGIZE telling her about what I said about her and I have been completely ignored. Apparentlly she doesn't like apologies.
      I went to the post office and the tracking is what made it very expensive to return but small price to pay to get my money back(extra $11.50). I sent her the message of her tracking and gave my Paypal for when she will return the money. After two days of waiting, I have actually SEEN her log on and NOT respond to me and I find this very rude and have decided to page.
      This is getting out of hand. If I especially do NOT get my money back. I expect a reply soon and at least a Mod to actually talk with her or SOMETHING. This is truly unfair to the buyer especially to not get decent service. She is only killing her feedback thread at this rate. I hope to expect a reply soon of this obvious immature seller. Thank you.

      Sincerely, Mitsuki Adored
    2. suicide_bunny was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. We in Poland have usually send money from our bank account to PayPal and then to the receiver. It takes usually 3 days for money to arrive on my paypal. I haven't received money on paypal yet. MitsukiAdored send me her paypal adress on FRIDAY, so how my money could get so fast on my paypal? Tomorrow morning will be the third day. I wrote that I'll return money and I WILL even if I don't know if she has sent me the costume.
      I hope that my money will be on my PP tomorrow so I can send it and MitsukiAdored is going to write here that there was no reason to write such slanders, especially that she confused me in her PM's. If she honestly wrote after she received the costume, that she want to return it I wouldn't say a thing. I wrote a couple of times in PM's that I want this to end favourable for both of us, but her behavior is just beyond me.
      Also I don't have time to be on the internet days and nights, so if I don't reply after 2 days there is no reason to think that I ignored your apologies or won't send you money. MitsuskiAdored obviusly has choosen to page me rather than wait one more day for her money.
    4. I know everyone has their busy schdules but logging on and never responding that you got my message is just bad service. All it took was "I got your message and the tracking, thank you" rather than ignoring me and not saying anything. Since I live in the United States, I do not know how Poland banks work. And I never got a message of you telling me to wait a few days for me to receive the money cause I would have. I am a very patient person under the right conditions. And you demanding me in private message saying this EXACT quote:
      As a customer, I have full right to do what ever is necessary to get your attention. You kept demanding me for tracking and so I gave you the tracking of the package to PROVE to you I have sent it and you still don't believe me even though I have gave you proof I have (ESPECIALLY if it costed me an extra $11.50 JUST for tracking).I will reply again of when I have received the full amount of which I have previously paid for your services.
    5. Of course you have full right to pay my attention. But it's not that I ignored you even for a minute. I always replied to you, sometimes really quick but sometimes you had to wait 1-2 days right. It's prety normal to reply with such frequency especially regarding time zones. I would understand if I didn't reply for a week or more. I haven't reply for two and a half day. Two and a half day. I don't think this paging was necessary.
      Also I didn't thought I have to write to you about how polish banks work, because I didn't know that you have other system. Besides you knew that as soon as I see your message I would send you money, right? I wrote that several times.
      I was trying to be so fair to you all the time and you paging me is just sooooo not right. I made an excepion for you even that I didn't have to, other people would just simply tell you that no returns means no returns. And what do I get...
      Send you money 5 minutes ago with paypal fees as we settled. I hope I'm not going to regret this.
    6. You wont. I have received my money and all is well. I do apologize for putting you through this but as I have stated in my message, two bad transactions in a row has put me on edge. I have decided to also leave your feedback as it is. Let's put this all past us and forgive and forget. I'm sorry things couldn't go as planned and sadly we could have been good friends. And possibly we still can be if we can put this behind us. I am not for one of making enemies. Take care and don't let this get in your way of your business. Keep at it. Just be careful on how you word things next time. Thank you and have a good day.
    7. Dear mods when are going to close this thread? MitsukiAdored got her money.
      Thank you!